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  1. tuberide

    Anyone know forum brother Zensurfer?

    It's been a long while since forum brother Zensurfer has posted. Does anyone know what has happened to Derek aka Zensurfer? I think he had some health issue.....hope he is well.
  2. tuberide

    Finish delam fix

    Here's one that I need advice on. This is a delamination or bubble in the finish on my Les Paul Jr. Complicating this fix is that it intersects the decal. Is it best to leave alone or can it be fixed? Thanks.
  3. tuberide

    Fix for Nitro Cellulose Pickguards?

    It's a shame what happens to these old nitro pickguards. This one is from a mid-'60s L-5 CES. Other than pitching into the trash, is there anything that can be done to stabilize the guard from further deterioration? I've heard that some have applied superglue to the rotted area to prevent...
  4. tuberide

    Advise needed on lacquer fill & level

    Hey guys. I recently received this Byrdland and in the process of adjusting the action found that the bridge base had been spot glued in two spots. Well, the bridge had to come up so as you can see two areas of finish with some wood fibers stuck to the bridge. What do you recommend to use as a...
  5. tuberide

    How's this for clean....1959 ES 335 content

    Ralph....this one takes the cake. :wow http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230387035131&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  6. tuberide

    Which do you prefer....Les Paul Special DC or single cut?

    Let's limit the discussion to the wraptail design (non tune-o-matic) of the vintage and Historic lines. Tonal differences? How do the Specials compare to the Juniors, etc.? I'd like to hear your ideas and experience with these fine guitars.
  7. tuberide

    Let's see some flamed mahogany...

  8. tuberide

    Old Lifton case maintenance

    I was inspired by the aging techniques revealed in the recent thread on Historic Lifton cases, especially the brown Kiwi waxing that resulted in a richer brown color as seen on clean vintage cases. My question is: Does anyone have experience or recommend a technique for restoring a beat old...