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  1. Azmedian

    Need Help IDing 1990 LP Studio Bridge PU

    Ok I have a 1990 LP Studio I was Troglying the guitar during restring. I know they are supposed to be 490R/498T pickups but they had different backings. The bridge pick up had barely visable numbers on it & was wondering if it is original and/or can someone ID it. It almost looks like a date...
  2. Azmedian

    Sight unseen

    any pics?
  3. Azmedian

    1998 Studio Emerald

    1998 Gibson Les Paul Studio Emerald Green, using leftover paint from Gem series Photo archiving
  4. Azmedian

    Looking to find Birthday of my LP

    I bought it from the demo shop, came without QC checklist that list the date it was made. Can anyone tell me what the date is for the serial number I know it is YDDDY : 20231 but when is the 23rd day ?? Jan 23rd 2021 ?? Any info would be helpful, or is there a website I can look up my older...
  5. Azmedian

    Bought from Gibson's DEMO Shop

    Red plastic
  6. Azmedian

    WANTED: Gibson demo shop Red pickuprings

    If you have purchased a red ring demo shop Les Paul and want to change the Red rings to another color I will buy them or trade for a new set of Gibson pickup rings your choice/color Message me Example member photo left
  7. Azmedian

    Bought from Gibson's DEMO Shop

    I am looking to buy / trade for another set of Gibson Red rings, if in the future if put a 3rd pickup in id like to keep the red rings. If you have a set of red rings i will buy them or trade for a new set of Gibson rings your choice / color Message me
  8. Azmedian

    Bought from Gibson's DEMO Shop

    Gibson Les Paul 60s Standard Figured Top, Bourbon Burst | Demo This Girl waited in the orphanage for 2 months with 107 watchers. I had another deal fall thru & decided lets get something unique. I decided to grab this off the the web site. Shes beautiful to me. Orphanage pics below...
  9. Azmedian

    A rare "Gem" or Emerald in the rough

    1st off I know it is not an actual Gem series, however I have recently been been told that this guitar is "Rare & Highly Sought After". I purchased this guitar of a great fellow named Phil back in Nov. 2017. My son was looking to learn guitar & I wanted to get him a quality guitar. Of course...