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  1. 57Strat777

    Faking Slide Guitar using a Strat Tremolo

    Thanks for the feedback, guys!
  2. 57Strat777

    Faking Slide Guitar using a Strat Tremolo

    Hey all- Happy July 4th weekend! I've been working on my tremolo technique with my 91 Strat Plus to try to make it sound like a slide guitar by using the tremolo bar as I pick. If you have a spare couple of minutes, please listen to the below recording and let me know what you think. Does it...
  3. 57Strat777

    Some humans are truly amazing - Check out this one man band

    I'm watching his rig-rundown now. Here's the link.
  4. 57Strat777

    Some humans are truly amazing - Check out this one man band

    Happened to run across this guy on YouTube named Steve Hill. He's a killer guitar player in the similar vein of Warren Haynes. And he plays guitar, drums and bass all at once. Pretty amazing and GREAT playing!
  5. 57Strat777

    Value of 2019 Memphis ES335 Dot?

    Hi guys - I have a guitar for sale on Craigslist and a guy is offering a mint condition red Memphis 2019 ES-335 Dot in trade. What was street price on this guitar when it was new? Also wondering what this guitar would sell for today on the used market if you priced it for a fast sale? Does the...
  6. 57Strat777

    My 59 Les Paul DC clone w/ killer P90's - Catfish Blues inspiration recording

    Same here. I don't really have a pickup preference. They're all great for something. Like you said, the DC Special is a great package. Lightweight, great access to higher frets, and killer fat tone. It's a rock and roll machine, no doubt.!
  7. 57Strat777

    Heard 2nd hand that one of our members reported passed away - Dan Duntze (bluesforstevie)? Any confirmation of this?

    Very sorry to hear! I hope it is not true This was his last post on Dec. 28th. https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/anyone-know-about-john-cusimanos-rachel-rays-husband-1959-flying-v.216311/
  8. 57Strat777

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (Live In Maui, 1970)

    Hendrix was one of the highest paid acts of that time period and he's playing in front of that crowd with no security and no barriers. It is pretty wild the differences between then and now as it pertains to security.
  9. 57Strat777

    Jimi Live at Woodstock - Full Concert on YouTube

    Watch it before it gets pulled for copyright infringement. Jimi’s sister will have YouTube pull it as soon as she finds out. Jimi Live at Woodstock - Full Concert on YouTube https://youtu.be/0xTHMDrRUKo
  10. 57Strat777

    My 59 Les Paul DC clone w/ killer P90's - Catfish Blues inspiration recording

    Hey guys - I hope all is well! I was noodling around on my LSL 59 Les Paul DC clone and captured this on my pocket recorder. Inspired by Jimi's Catfish Blues. These P90's sound killer. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! If you don't have a DropBox account just X out the log-in...
  11. 57Strat777

    CDC adjusts COVID-19 deaths down to 37,308 as of May 1st

    The CDC website appears to have changed the total COVID-19 death toll from 62K down to 37,308. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm
  12. 57Strat777

    New Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp song

    Jeff teams up with Johnny Depp. This just hit my YouTube feed. Nice guitar work from Jeff. Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp - Isolation https://youtu.be/Ma-149FnSN4
  13. 57Strat777

    My pandemic version of Hey Joe....

    Hi guys - I hope you are all safe and healthy! I was messing around the other day and tuned down a 1/2 step, which I haven't done in many years. I was amazed at how much looser the guitar feels. I think tuning down a 1/2 step is a critical part of Jimi's tone/sound. I am really loving it! If...
  14. 57Strat777

    What is this ES 335?

    Hi guys - I hope you're all safe and healthy! A guy is offering to sell me this 2008 ES335. Is this a Custom Shop ES335? 59 reissue? What am I looking at in the pics?
  15. 57Strat777

    Check out this ultra rare Gibson

    Happened upon this on Craigslist this morning. 1912 Gibson Style U harp guitar with original case https://austin.craigslist.org/msg/d/1912-gibson-style-harp-guitar-with/7081356846.html
  16. 57Strat777

    I can fake a slide sound with my Strat tremolo

    Good morning guys - I've been practicing using my tremolo on my HSS Strat to make it sound like I'm using a slide. I had to bend the tremolo bar a good bit to get it close to the strings so I can keep my hand on the bar while I pick. Check out the below audio file and let me know what you think...
  17. 57Strat777

    I found a fun way to practice guitar

    I ordered one of the Amazon Echo Dot devices for $25. The Echo Dot allows you to play streaming music and has a sound output jack. I hooked it up to a spare guitar amp. Using voice command I tell Alexa to play a song, and I jam along with it. Amazon Prime has about 2 million free songs...
  18. 57Strat777

    New Guitar Day!

    Picked up this beauty on Craigslist. My first HSS strat. I think having a bridge humbucker on a Strat completes it. I love this guitar! 1. Tremolo system that stays in tune with the hardest abuse 2. Classic Strat neck PU tone with bridge humbucker can do it all (the Fender PUs actually...
  19. 57Strat777

    Anyone looking for NOS Philips 6L6WGB tubes?

    https://austin.craigslist.org/msg/7016750165.html I have 42 of these I just posted on Craigslist in Austin.
  20. 57Strat777

    NOS Philips ECG JAN / 6L6WGB Power Tubes - $75 (quantity 42)

    I have 42 of these NOS Philips ECG JAN / 6L6WGB power tubes for sale on Austin Craigslist. Link below https://austin.craigslist.org/msg/d/austin-nos-philips-ecg-jan-6l6wgb-power/7016750165.html