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  1. lpnv59

    Shipping a vintage Gibson to Spain

    Is it dangerous with regards to Cities?
  2. lpnv59

    The Stealer...Free....rare vid

    Thought I seen em all..This one is glorious and a bit out of tune at the same time. Love it!:dude:
  3. lpnv59

    '66 MKII Pro on Reverb

    Not surprised at the asking price. But is the seller associated with Music Ground? https://reverb.com/item/6512357-sola-sound-professional-mkii-tone-bender-oc81d-jimmy-page-1966-silver-hammer
  4. lpnv59

    Late '55 Les Paul conversion...I've only seen one of these

    .... in this original color. Someone back in '55 may have wanted something like a Gretsch and custom ordered this. I've talked about this guitar for years but never had a pic. In '75 a friend of mine from high school, Ronnie Tuminowski, found this rare Les Paul up in Maine. It was a...
  5. lpnv59

    Fenders modified Airstream for sale on CL

  6. lpnv59

    Who makes the best quality Kluson style tuners?

    Who makes Gibsons tuners? I have a True Historic and one went bad. When tuning up or down, it takes about a 1/2 to 3/4 turn to move the post and change the pitch. I temporarily replaced it with a gold Kluson from my spare parts. Who makes the best vintage type Klusons these days?
  7. lpnv59

    EB3 project

    A good friend of mine came across this badly refinished and abused EB3 husk. Had a thick clear coat on the fingerboard as well as everywhere else. Only hardware it had was the original tuner bushings. And because I'm such a wonderful dude, he decided I should have it. Actually we both decided...
  8. lpnv59

    Johnny A gets a new custom version........

    of his signature model. Too F'n cool. I'd buy one of these if they made it available.
  9. lpnv59

    Bunch of Buckers FS; some double cremes

    All pickups were acquired between '83 and 03. All are early versions of whatever they are FWIW. Prices include shipping cont US Gibson Burstbucker 1; Rare Double Creme, Pre-stickered or non stickered IDK, I got from Daves Guitars in '02 11" lead, gold screw poles $120 SD Distortion DC-9"...
  10. lpnv59

    NVAD...'65 Frender Pro Reverb

    I bought my old Pro Reverb back a few weeks ago. I originally bought it from a Craigslist ad 3 or 4 years ago off some older guy for $1500. Met him in the parking lot of a boarded up Dunkin Donuts off I90. He pulled it out of trunk of his Toyota set it down on the pavement. It was covered with...
  11. lpnv59

    Merry Christmas from Alvin, Simon, Theodore & Canned Heat

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g45i9RFvHss :salude:laugh2:
  12. lpnv59

    Jim Irsay scores Ringo's kit for 2.2M

  13. lpnv59

    1967 Celestion G12M20 Matched Quad

    Wonderful sounding quad of Celestions. Matching date codes for March '67 These speakers likely came out of a striper cab at some point. One speaker was reconed by Vic Stolpe of Heavy Sound in Venice CA. 2K shipped and PP'd cont USA
  14. lpnv59

    NGD True Historic

    Actually was a week ago friday. An 8 lb lemon burst True Historic.
  15. lpnv59

    Neo Mini-Vent for guitar

    Great shape in original box etc.. $285 shipped Cont USA/ Paypal gift
  16. lpnv59

    Bee Gees and the Burst

    I remember watching this when it aired and deciding I didn't want a Vox Teardrop like Brian Jones anymore. I wanted whatever this guy was playing..... loved the look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr-WW5abcwQ Wonder where it is now.
  17. lpnv59

    59/60 Doublecut Junior pickguard

    How thick is the tortoise material? Anyone know if its the same .060 thickness of a single ply 50's style Fender pg or is it thicker?? I'd like to get one made to replace the non original black guard on my '61 Coronet. Mark Bishop suggested I get a tortoise guard like a Junior. I thought that...
  18. lpnv59

    "Sunshine Of Your Love" isolated guitar tracks

    Fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfbkrX0GHA8#t=185
  19. lpnv59

    After 29 years, I got my Epi Coronet back

    Just met with an old friend and bandmate of mine and had dinner. I sold this him in '86 shortly after I bought it at a regional discount department store called Building 19. They had just taken in an insurance company's fire settlement with Sam Ash on musical gear. I looked everything over and...