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  1. buckwild

    Want to buy player grade 52-56 Les Paul

    Just like title says. Feel free to email me what you’ve got joebuchwald@gmail.com
  2. buckwild

    WTB Player grade 52-56 Les Paul

    Looking for a Player Grade 52-59 Les Paul. No breaks or big wood modifications please but non original parts are fine. Please PM.
  3. buckwild

    Flame Top Friday: 90's Edition, reintroducing Tangela

    I'm now the custodian of Tangela an absolutely screaming 1996 R9. Thanks much to Mark Bishop of Mark's Guitar Loft for setting her up and giving her a polish before selling to me. Also thanks to Frank Pine for relinquishing this beast! I
  4. buckwild

    WTB Vintage PAFs

    Hi All I'm looking for a set of PAFs for a 59 335. I want a bridge pickup with a minimum resistance of 8k and neck high 7's. I'm not concerned with getting an unopened set or if they have covers. My 335 is a player. Thanks!
  5. buckwild

    FS: 2013 Gibson Historic Les Paul R9 Dave Johnson Makeover - BIG TOP

    I'm selling a Big Top Dave Johnson complete makeover done exclusively for Mark’s Guitar Loft, guitar weighs 8 lbs 13 ounces, The color is a deep Cherry Sunburst similar to the 2009 50th Annv. gold certificate guitars. Work includes: complete refin with old style nitro lacquer, finish checking...
  6. buckwild

    FS: CC 37 Carmelita Custom Shop Les Paul

    Looking to get a bit more extra dough for holidays. So thinking of moving this one. Big top Carmelita here, really nice light weight too at 8lb 2oz. Comes like it would from factory, 5 mins of play time, and comes with Aged Hardshell Case. $7599 shipped PayPal Gift or add 3% for non gift. I...
  7. buckwild

    FS Collectors Choice #37 Carmelita

    Thinning the herd due to some Vet bills for my dog. listing at Reverb, better price for forum members at $8499 shipped and paypal'd. or Shoot me your BEST offer. :thumb: Guitar weighs 8lb 6oz...
  8. buckwild

    Channeling the Duke-My New Historic Makeover in the works

    A few months go I sent Kim and crew a 2012 R9. It has a real cool ribbon top and it sorta reminded me of "the Duke" a real 59. Well it just got to the paint stage at HM and all I can say is I'm floored by the results. They are just killing it!!! on top of that they really put a lot of thought...
  9. buckwild

    Fire Flame

    I'm gonna just drop this here... 2016 R9
  10. buckwild

    FS Gibson Dove Performer Acoustic

    Selling a 2010 Gibson Dove Performer Acoustic/Electric. These was a limited special run done by Sam Ash back around 2010-11. I'm the second owner. It has a factory installed Prefix Plus-T preamp This guitar is in good condition. It has blemishes throughout but no breaks of playability issues. It...
  11. buckwild

    NGD 64/65 SG

    NGD 64 SG Just joined the vintage club! I have a lot of historics but nothing vintage until now. Anyways, this is a 64. It's a players guitar, doesn't have all original parts and the inlays were changed because the old ones deteriorated. First plans I have for it are to put in some real...
  12. buckwild

    FS 2013 Memphis 63 Block Reissue ES335

    Selling a nice and very clean Memphis 63 reissue 335. Comes shipped in OHSC with COA $3050 Shipped and Paypal'd pics: https://joebuchwald.smugmug.com/Guitars/2013-ES335-63-Memphis-Reissue/i-qB72G7k
  13. buckwild

    FS R0 Les Paul with a bitchen top!

    Selling for a friend, a very clean and original 2012 R0. Weight is 8lb 12oz. KILLER top IMO, has some nice curl in there and the bourbon burst looks sweet in person. Comes shipped in Original Case with COA and case candy. SOLD NO TRADES WHATSOEVER more pics...
  14. buckwild

    who got that Monster True Histoc Vic posted this AM?

    who got that Monster True Historic Vic posted this AM? come on...who got it??? :peace2
  15. buckwild

    Sweeeeet 16' - True Historic Perfection

    Let me just start by saying that I don't buy all the Gibson TH hype. However, when they nail it...they nail it. This one is just flat out amazing. Huge tone, rings like a piano, aggressive in the bridge position even with the lower output CB. Also, it's light at 8lb 2oz. The neck profile is so...
  16. buckwild

    FS: Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissue - BIG TOP

    SOLD 2015 R9 with 2014 specs...big top, great color. Selling to pay my buddy the Taxman...all guitars in 2016 with the 2014 specs are gonna have a R in the serial number...This one has a 9 4XXXX :thumb: Not a lot of tops out there like this. 8lb. 14oz. Very rock sounding less Paul, big and...
  17. buckwild

    FS: 2013 Nashville Custom Shop ES-335 63 Reissue

    I'm selling this super clean, Nashville made 335 in tobacco with Block inlays. It's a killer piece in great condition. Some light faint polish type scratches and some tiny dents can be seen, but I'm being super picky here-it's very clean. Serial number : A-33012. Weight is 7lb 13oz It comes with...
  18. buckwild

    FS: 2015 Les Paul Custom Shop Historic Select 59 Stinger - One of a kind

    This is a HS9 which has all of the 2015 Gibson True Historic Specs. Including new pickup covers, and knobs. Also has the refined finish formula. As I understand it the HS9’s are 2015’s version of Made to Measure. This particular HS9 is a bit unique. This one and a few others were spec’d to be...
  19. buckwild

    NGD: Nicky #171

    INsanity, not much to say other than this guitar rocks and has looks to match