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  1. Mark Kane

    Gibson CS LP '68 Reissue Gold Top Survey

    I picked up one of the newer reissues a while back. It’s not one of the aged ones. It has the crown on the headstock and Les Paul logo on the truss rod cover. Weighs right at 9lbs. I’ve never enjoyed P 90’s as much as I do with this guitar. And the neck is crazy comfortable, it seems to be...
  2. Mark Kane

    Custom 1968 or 1969

    the guitar has a square hole for the wiring. They need a round hole drilled all the way from jack to switch hole for one piece I believe.
  3. Mark Kane

    How were factory installed Bigsby units grounded?

    Didn’t they get grounded at the butt end through one of the 4 bigsby mount screws with a wire from the control cavity? I had a ‘65 Sheraton and that’s how the it was grounded.
  4. Mark Kane

    Florence Voodoo '59 Humbuckers...

    A pair of Peter's great humbuckers for sale. The double cream bridge pickup measures at 8.5k and the Zebra neck is 8.K Great sounding pickups with 4 conductor leads, plenty of lead left for a Gibson. $225 shipped and paypal'd CONUS.
  5. Mark Kane

    '60's 345 dating...

    I just got this a few weeks ago in a super smooth deal off REVERB. It was sold to me as a '67 which it could very well be but I'm thinking it may be a little bit earlier. It's got the higher spaced logo and crown, wide bevel guard, and what looks like original control knobs. I pulled the...
  6. Mark Kane

    Holmes Zebra humbuckers and Rolph Pretender....

    Tom Holmes set 450 & 455 Zebra, 7.5.k & 8.5k SOLD [/B] Jim Rolph humbucker 7.34k $200 DiMarzio Airzone DP192 $50 Price is shipped and paypal'd in CONUS mkane1650 at att dot net
  7. Mark Kane

    Henry Vestine Custom

    I'm pretty sure that all the Black humbuckered LP customs I've seen pictures of Henry playing were late '60's guitars. This one has a painted on 5 digit serial numbers. The photo is from '69 so could it be anything but a '50's guitar?
  8. Mark Kane

    1975 Gibson LP Custom Wine...$1900

    1975 LP Wine Custom $1900 https://reverb.com/item/2796368-gibs...stom-1975-wine
  9. Mark Kane

    '61 345 added to the fold....

    I was able to talk a very good friend out of this wonderful guitar. It's been with me on loan for a while and I just couldn't stand the thought of losing it!!:hank My friend did the varitonectomy on it so I didn't have to. Typical wide thin, D shape neck and a killer dark cherry color, almost...
  10. Mark Kane

    '62 SG Jr.

    This is the guitar from the '61 Jr thread in April. I just got it last week and couldn't be happier with it. Seriously smokin' guitar. First licks I played on it were Mississippi Queen and it made me grin!! Here's some better pics including the issues. It looks like the connection from the...
  11. Mark Kane

    Norlin Makeover

    Well, someone had to do it. This is my '72 deluxe with Trobak P 90's. first pic is how it looked when I got it. The rest are from this week. Kim is still working on it but I'm pretty stoked with how it's progressing now.
  12. Mark Kane

    Historic prices

    I haven't owned or looked for an historic for a few years now but when did a run of the mill late '90's get into this range? http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/member-classifieds/288002-lefty-1998-r8-les-paul-monster-top.html
  13. Mark Kane

    '69 Custom, '70 goldtop, '71 stripped...

    The '70 I've had forever, bought new, the '71 I picked up a month or so ago, and '69 Custom fell into my lap a couple weeks ago. I've had over 70 historics since '95 and maybe a handful would hang with these for what I like to hear. Really digging them!!
  14. Mark Kane

    Cool '53 conversion

    I got a chance last Friday to see a couple friends. What a great afternoon. I delivered an amp and we met up in the middle of the state with Kim at Historic Makeovers. Kim showed us his new studio he's built and literally dozens of guitars in all stages of process. Lot's of vintage stuff as...
  15. Mark Kane

    What to hell do you think this is??

  16. Mark Kane

    Older Tom Holmes sharp cornered cover

    Looking for one of the older Tom Holmes sharp cornered pickup covers, thanks
  17. Mark Kane

    Amp demo...

    Here's what I think is a pretty well done amp demo by a friend. What do ya'll think? Joe Bonamassa LP as well. http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=9793799&q=hi&newref=1
  18. Mark Kane

    '85 Dot RI 335...

    I've had this for a couple months now and it's usually the first one I pick up anymore. I replaced the harness with one of the most excellent Dr. Vintage harnesses and replaced the Shaws with a great set of Sheptone Bluesky's. It's got a rubbed down early '60's Gibson gold tailpiece now and a...
  19. Mark Kane

    Let's hope this guy doesn't get ahold of a '59 burst....

  20. Mark Kane

    Easy come, easy go....