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  1. sapi


    Ok I must admit i just love OD pedals! Just got one of these and I like it very much! Transparent yet it delivers the right kind of tonal OD bliss! Still keeping my other OD's: the Keeley's TS9 DX and TS808, a Dumkudo Twin Custom, a Tim, a Royal Overdrive by Van Weelden. It's not as...
  2. sapi

    Strat types with contoured heel and American 2 point tremolo?

    OK I'm a bit confused with all the strat types produced and the specs... Can anyone illuminate me, which are those models which have a contoured heel (aka a Jeff Beck heel) and a 2 point trem please? Oh and 22 frets! :laugh2: I'm aware of the Jeff Beck model... Pics welcome! :salude:hank
  3. sapi

    Callaham Cold Rolled Steel CNC Tailpiece

    Hi guys, I've the Callaham ABR-1 and liked it, anyone tried the cold-rolled steel TP? http://www.callahamguitars.com/#gibson_tailpiece
  4. sapi

    Best Kluson tuners?

    I'm wondering if any vintage-correct Kluson/Kluson-type tuners have come up (in appearance, may be better functionally) or should I stick to the original ones on my '07 R9 - which I believe are made by Gotoh? I also have another set from a '94 LP, would these be the same? Thanks!
  5. sapi

    "Guns vs Guitars"

    The game goes on... thought this was an interesting read so... here it is... "As part of its ongoing attack on enterprise, the US Government earlier this year busted in to Tennessee-based Gibson Guitars and confiscated millions of dollars worth of private property. The actions were taken in...
  6. sapi

    Drum Machine

    I'm looking for a decent drum machine preferably a BOSS/Roland type with good simulation of drums/perc and quite easy to use. Did a search on ebay and looks like the DR 880 is tops. Your suggestions are very welcome! Thank you!
  7. sapi

    Why do you love YOUR Gibson LP so much?

    In other words, what are those factors in YOUR guitar that makes you want to play it and bond with it so much? Cosmetic as well as functional and tonal things... pics and vids welcome! This is a niche for your guitar! It was love at first sight with my '07 R9 - 'Ghostburst'; I liked the...
  8. sapi

    Bad flu, HM R9... video.

    Mistakes abound... and the bug is happy! :hippy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3VXiwtbS24
  9. sapi

    6L6WGB/5881 or 6L6GC for a 5F6a?

    I have a Bassman clone, basically a 5F6a circuit. I also have a nice pair of NOS Tung Sol 5881's. Is it safe to drop these in, or is the circuit designed to use 6L6GC's? Please help I'm confused.
  10. sapi

    Ghost Blues

    I have finally had a go at it and recorded some short takes with Ghostie. I was just noodling around with a theme that was in my head so here is a short one, warts and all. No effects or reverb. Turned out cleaner than i thought, possibly 'cos i couldn't really crank it, it's on less than 2...
  11. sapi

    G Weber 'Decrescendo' attenuator for Bassman 4x10

    Finally installed the 'Decrescendo' attenuator from G Weber. A simple unit with IN from the amp and OUT to speakers, and two independent sliding switches with an attenuation of 6dB each. When they're off it's bypassed. My amp has the RCA outs so i got the RCA harness. These sockets are...
  12. sapi

    Insulation on Fender amp toggle switches?

    I have a Fender Bassman '59 RI LTD and the mains + standby toggle switches are covered with a grey plastic/rubber. Possible to remove this insulation or is it dangerous? I was not able to find any info. Thanks!
  13. sapi

    Switchable bright cap: Superbass to Superlead?

    Hi all you amp tech heads, i need your expertise! I have a Metro '67 Superbass. Is it possible to install a switchable bright cap across the volume pot so that i can toggle to Superlead when i want to? Will it hurt the amp, or pop or bang? Very appreciated, thank you.
  14. sapi

    Eminence Legend GB 128 in a 4 x 12?

    Has anyone tried the Eminence Legend GB 128 in a 4 x 12 (closed) cab? This speaker has got good reviews on HC and elsewhere and even mentioned in the TQR. It's now only available in 8 Ohms and it's a 50W'er = 200W in cab. I'm intending to replace the old Celestion Greenback G12H-30's for use...
  15. sapi

    The sun was going down and...

    ... the camera came out, along with its favorite color red. This camera does enhance the reds... but you get the idea. I thought it was an interesting mix of light and shade.
  16. sapi

    Ghost Burst - HM Pkg A

    Hi i'm Ghostie and i've just had a HM :jim I play very well and look just fine :) The PG is a try for now, not really on. Thanks to all the HM team and putting up with my nearly OCD! If you would like to see more pics of myself let me know - happy hippy festivities to all!
  17. sapi

    Low output mid position

    Can someone please help? I just wired my friend's Gibson Invader with new pots and a new bridge pickup. The toggle switch works fine. The pickups sound great on their own but it's a low output with both on. Tested with a meter the mid pos is nearly 4k so it looks good. The pickups read...
  18. sapi

    'Ghostburst' - '07 R9

    Just joined the club, with 'Ghostburst' - an '07 R9. A great sounding guitar and good looker, thanks to Timster. Pics of the guitar already shown in LPF previously so i'll be minimal, pics courtesy of Tim. Love & peace, jo ~
  19. sapi

    Plek in Europe main and/or UK

    Hi can someone please supply contacts of Plek services in Europe and/or UK? Thanks a lot.
  20. sapi

    Best year for Classics? What 'board & frets?

    What is generally held as the best year/s for LP Classics? And is the fretboard indian rosewood or did it change over the years? How do the frets compare to a real '59 burst? My Classic is a '94. Thanks.