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  1. v-verb

    Les Paul Aging - what do you think? (Fireproof suit on)

    My friend Darren aged his 2010 Les Paul. Personally I think it looks great! Wondering what the experts here think and what kind of "improvements" you could suggest. I know the drawback could come in resale as Darren is an unknown presently.
  2. v-verb

    Les Paul Aging - what do you think?

    moved to historic section - sorry - Mods please delete
  3. v-verb

    Restoring a conversion - advice needed please!

    Hi I'm getting my conversion refinned back to gold and was told by my luthier that he's pretty sure the guitar had been all gold originally. Here's the guitar Here are the pics indicating it may have been an all gold guitar So my question is, do I restore it all gold - with tasteful...
  4. v-verb

    Info on Korina V's please?

    And yes I did do a search but I'm curious about what I just got - 2007 one piece Korina Flying V. Can someone edumacate me;<) Cheers nigel
  5. v-verb

    Back in the R9 Game - 2009 VOS

    After a while with no historic - the last one being my Murphy 08, this sweetie is on her way to me. 8.4 lbs, WCR pups. Will let you know how she plays when I get her cheers nigel
  6. v-verb

    Price Check on Murphy 50th Ann R8?

    Hi Guys and Gals I have someone interested in my 50th Ann murphy R8. What is a fair selling price these days? I did search Marks Guitar Loft and Ebay and didn't see anything similar. Any help appreciated! Cheers nigel
  7. v-verb

    40th anniversary Leather cases

    Anyone know much about these? It's leather, has a "cover" that's kind of vinyl and a leathe Gibson strap. Any idea what these are worth in near mint cindition? Thanks! nigel
  8. v-verb

    5oth Anniversary R8 Rollcall - post pics

    So I was born in 1958 and was thinking pf picking one of these up - more the Murphy flametops. So what's the consensus on these? Are they good guitars for the $$ - will they hold their value, is the flame good? I searched and didn't find a ton of info. Thanks!!
  9. v-verb

    How to pack a Les Paul for shipping?

    Sorry Guys and Gals, I've been searching but can't find the thread on how to safely pack a les paul for shipping. Can anyone point me to the thread? Thanks in advance! Nigel
  10. v-verb

    Marshall help please!

    Guys, I'm looking for a ballpark price on a recovered 50 watt 68 plexi with a replaced power tranny. The output tranny is original, there are no other holes in the chassis and there is a crack on the front plexiglass panel. I've got a couple of other 50 watt plexi's but I'm flummoxed on how...
  11. v-verb

    Melody Maker TP - is this right for a 59-60

    with slanted posts? My 59 MM came with a replaced gotoh TP (wonder why) and I found this one. What are they typically worth? Cheers and Thanks in advance!
  12. v-verb

    Conversions rollcall - post your pics and stories!

    My 56 conversion - I got it that way so no flames please...
  13. v-verb

    Family was away so...Marshall madness!

    68 Plexi Trem 50, 68 Plexi 50, borrowed JG, Baker B3 korina Fire, and the secret ingredient - straight cab from LTD ED JTM45/100 stack - altho I was able to get this separately - and yes it has the 25 watt silver Marshall (Celestion) Alnicos.... The pics don't do justice to the flame on these...
  14. v-verb

    Has anyone converted a SC Jr to a burst?

    I've got this beat 56 Jr body and am getting it converted - new top, inlays, binding etc. Has anyone done this and how has it turned out? Thanks in advance!
  15. v-verb

    So what are 2003 Brazilians going for now?

    Just very curious...:jim . TIA! Nigel
  16. v-verb

    Marshall/Park experts - is this a recover?

    I got this Park in a trade. It's supposed to be in original condition but the tolex seems too "new" and kind of sloppy on thieinside. As well, there are what appear to be a separate set of chassis holes in the cab (pictured) however the tolex covers teh extra holes on the outside. So is...
  17. v-verb

    Silly Marshalls - 67 and BW cab

    A couple of my recent buys due to my Marshall obsession 67 Plexi Tremolo and 71 BW Cab - pardon the surrounding crap...
  18. v-verb

    So is this PAF worth getting?

    They want $1400 - issues I can see are the notch in the baseplate and the rounding off of the feet - it's a short magnet one as well
  19. v-verb

    My new R9 - darkburst content..

    She's a 2005 R9. Traded for her - and she didn't come cheap...8.6 lbs of resonant tone...
  20. v-verb

    Picked up something almost Special - OK it's a Jr

    Sorry about the crap pics Not saying what I paid, but the seller and I were happy. Also he knows I'm keeping it and will treasure it:jim Thanks to Mark Kane for telling me to hang in there months ago after my disastrous trade with a local dealer - Mark, I finally got my Jr!! s/n 7 36XX