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  1. Froggie

    Does a new 2021 R9 smell of Nitro?

    Great looking guitars. Congrats! They look real shiny - I'm seeing less and less gloss guitars for sale, they are all nearly VOS or aged - not for me. I love my gloss 2016 R9, but each to their own. We don't want to go down that road again :censored:
  2. Froggie

    NGD 2007 R9

    Great looking guitar. Love the finish!
  3. Froggie

    NGD - R9

    Smashing looking guitar. Congrats and enjoy :) What year is it from?
  4. Froggie

    New R9

    Beautiful looking guitar. Congrats and enjoy. Love the finish. I have a 2016 R9 in 2019 Sunrise Teaburst in a gloss finish.
  5. Froggie

    NGD: LPR7 Darkback.

    Congratulations, beautiful guitar. I would love a gold top :) Enjoy!
  6. Froggie

    Belated dual NGD

    Two stunning LPs. Congratulations and enjoy! :)
  7. Froggie

    NGD - 2018 R9

    Great looking LP. Love the colour. Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Froggie

    NGD, sort of... Y2K R9

    That's a stunning guitar. It's what I would think of when I picture a LP in my mind. Congrats and enjoy.
  9. Froggie

    NGD. Murphy Wildwood R9

    Congratulations. Beautiful guitar, somewhat similar to my 2016 R9 Gloss Sunrise Tea Burst. I love the gloss finish :)
  10. Froggie

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Special 2019 - TV Yellow

    I just received my new LP Special 2019 in TV Yellow. The guitar comes all the way from the Netherlands as there are no Gibson dealers near where I live in Ireland and there was only limited stock in the UK. These are definitely proving hard to find right now in Europe. I’m really happy with...
  11. Froggie

    NGD - 2016 Sunrise Iced Tea Gloss R9!!!

    NGD - 2016 Sunrise Ice Tea Gloss R9!!! After much thought I bought a new 2016 R9 Sunrise Tea Burst in Gloss finish :) I could not be happier, I've gotten a lot of info from the site and some great advice. Thanks. As I mentioned in another thread there are no Gibson dealers in Ireland selling CS...