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  1. fernieite

    PSA: Informative site for SG heel styles and pickup routes

  2. fernieite

    Crazyparts CAB gold bonnet knobs?

    Hi guys, Has anyone here tried the Crazyparts gold CAB knobs? They look good on their website, and are priced reasonably, imo. Thanks. https://www.crazyparts.de/knobs/knobs--tips-lp-es-new/gibson-style-knobs/gold-premium-cab-tophat-set-4.php
  3. fernieite

    Gibson "favorite of the stars" and "pick of the stars" plastic pick boxes?

    Gibson "favorite of the stars" and "pick of the stars" plastic pick boxes? Hi guys, Does anyone here know the approximate years those cool old Gibson plastic pick boxes came out? Some were labelled "favorite of the stars" and others "pick of the stars". Some of them came with the black "Les...
  4. fernieite

    Vintage late 50s Gibson truss rod cover thickness?

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what the thickness is of the original trussrod covers for late 50s Les Pauls? (.060" or .068" perhaps?) There's a guy on another forum that has a 52 Les paul with .064" TRC. Thanks a lot.
  5. fernieite

    WTB: A couple of vintage hang tags Gibson and Fender

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a couple of hang tags. A 1969/70 Gibson Diamond Jubilee oval tag, and an early to mid 60's black rectangular Fender "tolex" tag. PM me if you have. Thanks.
  6. fernieite

    Vintage "dog ear" P90 pole piece heights?

    Hi guys, I've just acquired my first P90 equipped guitar (1963 LP SG Junior) and I was wondering how most of you have adjusted your "dog ear" 90 pole pieces? What would a good starting point be? Ie, should the high and low E be level with the plastic cover and then the rest of the screws...
  7. fernieite

    1963 Gibson case candy / hang tags?

    Hi guys, Just curious what would have come with my 63 SG (Les Paul Junior) in 1963. Anyone know? :hmm
  8. fernieite

    New 1963 Les Paul Junior day!

    Well, I finally did it. I've been wanting one of these for quite sometime, since playing a few in vintage stores over the years. So, yesterday I bought a very cool 1963 Les Paul Junior! (SG) :) I was able to sell a bit of gear this past week... Anyway, this one has Centralab pots dated the...
  9. fernieite

    69? Les Paul Deluxe

    Hi all, I just scanned a polaroid photo of my old sunburst Les Paul Deluxe. I traded a 63 Tele for it in 1982 or 83. I then sold it later in 1987. The vintage guy that I did the trade with said that the sunburst was a 69. Is that possible? I think I've read recently that sunbursts didn't...
  10. fernieite

    Generation 1 Protector case with Historic and Vintage SG? Additional Neck Support?

    Hi guys, I have a Gen 1 Protector case (with 3 plastic latches) and was wondering, with the neck angle that these cases were designed for, should I put a cotton rag under the neck of my 2007 R8? I'm also looking to buy a vintage 1961 - 63 SG (junior) that would use this case. If any of these...
  11. fernieite

    Vintage accurate black SG knobs?

    Hi guys, Can you tell me who makes an accurate black reflector knob? These would have come on SG's from 1961 onward, I think. Thanks. :ola
  12. fernieite

    1961 SG Les Paul Junior replica pickguard?

    Hi Guys, I've got a lead on a 1961 Les Paul Junior (SG body) The owner bought it in 1968 and threw the warped pickguard away in 1970. Who do you recommend that sells an authentic replacement pickguard? It has 8 holes. Also, the screws are missing. Thanks! :peace2
  13. fernieite

    Value for 1962 sg lp junior with pro repaired headstock break?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be looking at a 1962 SG les paul junior guitar that has had a pro repaired headstock break. It has no other issues that I am aware off. Everything is original and in very good shape and it has the original case. Is $2400 US way off for a (I'm told) close to invisible pro...
  14. fernieite

    1961 to 1965 Juniors?

    Hi guys. At some point I'd like to get a nice 1961 to 1965 sg junior. Is there anything I should look out for? Are there any problems associated with any specific years? Any other thoughts with this type of guitar? Thanks a lot. :biggrin:
  15. fernieite

    FS: Vintage Gibson Sonomatic E-340 Strings. Rare!

    Hi guys, I have a beautiful set of NOS Gibson Sonomatic strings - E-340 complete set. Perfect case candy for your old Gibson! Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks...
  16. fernieite

    Vintage shops NY city?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be in the NY area with my wife in October and have a day to kill. Any cool stores in New York city that you could recommend?
  17. fernieite

    Pickguard bracket changes?

    Hi all. Stupid question, I know... Was there ever a change in the pickguard brackets for 1950's Les Pauls? I ask because I've seen pictures with the guard flush with the top of the body and some with a noticeable gap. Are the ones with the gap the same bracket just bent up a bit? Thanks.
  18. fernieite

    Early to mid 60's SG necks?

    Hi all. I was just reading on the Provide.net site that the neck joints on early SG's were quite weak and unstable? Any opinions? Is the info on Provide.net accurate regaring the desirability of these models? Thanks. They recommend 1963 and 64 above all the others for some reason. The neck...
  19. fernieite

    1950's Gibson Mona Strings?

    Hi all. Any suggestions where I might be able to find a late 1950's set of 340 or 440 Gibson Mona guitar strings in the cardboard pack? Thanks for any leads...:salude http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Electric-Guitar-Strings-Three-Boxes-16-Strings-/370502859056?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item5643b0f930
  20. fernieite

    My Historic Makeovers PKG B

    Hi guys. Just got an email from Kim. My R8 is ready for paint. I can't wait! Here's a couple of pics... 2007 R8 package B, with top recarve, inlays and nylon nut. (my avatar is the before pic) http://www.flickr.com/photos/12385533@N07/sets/72157623593368709/