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  1. Beano Geno

    Locking Guitar Hangars...any recommendations?

    Just finished remodeling the rec room/mancave and I'm looking for any recommendations for good locking guitar hangars to put my guitars on the walls. Thanks in advance! :salude
  2. Beano Geno

    Locking Guitar Hangars...any recommendations?

    I'd appreciate any opinions on the best locking guitar hangars for use in our newly remodeled man cave/rec room. Thanks in advance for any help! :salude
  3. Beano Geno

    1966 JTM-45 Kitchen Marshall

    What do you guys think about this one.... http://cgi.ebay.com/MARSHALL-1966-JTM-45-KITCHEN-PLEXI-GREEN-SMALL-BOX-RARE-/380299518136?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item588b9e20b8
  4. Beano Geno

    Marshall Popular

    I'm curious about what the Marshall gurus here think would be a fair price for this amp. It's a 1971 Marshall Popular. Here's the sellers description: "this rare amp was converted from it's original 10 watt circuit to an 18 watt monster, to get there 1 extra preamp tube (bringing the total to...
  5. Beano Geno

    I really need help...loose tuner tip...please

    I just put a set of Uncle Lou's Premium Tips on my R9. One of the tips is loose (slight wiggle side to side). How should I go about fixing it? I think it's one that started in very slightly crooked and I adjusted it's path straight mid install. How do I fix it so it's tight on the shaft like...
  6. Beano Geno

    Burst-Plastic Ono Band Elephant's Memory- NYC 72

    I saw Plastic Ono Band Elephant's Memory Concert in NYC 1972 on VH1 Classic and the guitar player has a killer Burst. Anyone know who he is? Or have a picture of that Burst?
  7. Beano Geno

    Early Clapton string gauge?

    Does anybody know what gauge strings Clapton used with Mayall (LP) and with Cream (SG)? I've heard different stories. Thanks!
  8. Beano Geno

    Channel Jumpering during the 60's & 70's

    Back in the 60's and 70's, I remember a lot of players jumpering/jumping channels together on all kinds of amps...Marshalls, Fenders, even Silvertones. I want to hear from any of the old timers (someone who was actually ALIVE back then) who either did that themselves, or who remember seeing...
  9. Beano Geno

    A Smashing Les Paul...

    "That's a strong guitar".... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qj0c1bFyck&feature=related
  10. Beano Geno

    Blues Jr in a Tweed Deluxe Cab....Ya or Na?

    I just found some old 1960's era 12AX7's (Telefunken and RCA) so I put them into my creme circuit board Fender Blues Jr last night...and they sound pretty good in it. This got me to wonder how much better this amp might sound in a bigger cabinet, like a Mojo Tweed Deluxe with maybe a Celestion...
  11. Beano Geno

    Box of Rock with BF Fender?

    I know that there are several Box of Rock fans here on the Forum. I've got a 1966 BF Fender Twin Reverb. I'm really interested in the hand painted Box of Rock. I just wonder if it will give me that JTM45-ish tone I heard in the BoR You Tube video through a clean machine like the BF Twin? Any...
  12. Beano Geno

    Dallas show-Any Burst sales?

    I was wondering how the Dallas show went as far as guitars selling. Did any of the bursts sell? How about vintage guitars in general. Thanks for any insights.
  13. Beano Geno

    SF Bassman

    I'm thinking about picking up a 50 watt '68 SF Bassman. Can anyone give me an idea of how they compare to the earlier BF versions. Thanks!
  14. Beano Geno

    Anybody see the 50th Anniversary 58 LP Reissue?

    Several people (including myself) have expressed the desire to see pictures or hear comments on the 50th Anniversary 58 LP Reissue. So anybody out there see, play, photograph it at NAMM or anywhere else? Anybody? Thanks in advance!:salude
  15. Beano Geno

    1960 LP Custom

    Here's one for all you Custom lovers... http://www.elderly.com/vintage/names/gibson-les-paul-custom-%281960%29--30U-14093.htm :2zone
  16. Beano Geno

    Small Vintage Blues Amp???

    I need the advice of my amp knowledgable LPF brothers. I'm looking for a small vintage amp for playing the blues. I'm generally playing at home or in small clubs. I don't need a lot of volume. I'm looking for that gritty old time blues tone with something that I can get some good overdriven...
  17. Beano Geno

    Saturn GA-45RVT

    Any of you guys ever played your LP through a 60's Gibson Saturn GA-45RVT? What are your impressions of that amp? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights!:salude
  18. Beano Geno

    PUP mounting spring question

    I just replaced the pickup rings on my '06 R9 VOS. The worst part of the entire experience was trying to screw the PUP height adjustment screw in with that freakin' long spring!! I did it, but I had a couple close calls with the screwdriver slipping off the screwhead while trying to get the...
  19. Beano Geno

    Aging Pink Gibson Historic Plastic

    First, let me tell you what this is, and what this is not. This is NOT about how to get the most authentic looking aged plastic for your historic. If you want to see that, look at Sean's thread about his Angel parts pickguard. THAT'S authentic looking!:salude It is also not about my aging...