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  1. pablomago

    Three Pickups: A Humbucker and Two P-90's

    I'm restoring a well made '90's Japanese guitar and decided on a bridge humbucker and two single coils. Then I got the idea of a 'bucker and two P-90's. Has anyone here done that? What was the result? What did you like or didn't like? What pickups would be a good match? I see most P-90 sets are...
  2. pablomago

    Strings. What Do You Like?

    Last night I was jamming with some friends and I brought along my 2003 H6 Stinger with P-90's. I use DAD EXL 110's on it and they are right at the edge of my comfort level for bending strings. After playing a while and getting warmed up, it felt better, but I'm still thinking of trying a EXL...
  3. pablomago

    Pickups for 1980 Aria Pro II RS 600

    I found this guitar on Craigslist in rough shape and I want to bring it back to life. The pickups were clipped out and the wires are very short. Being epoxy coated, if they can't be resoldered to the short wires, they'll be unusable. So, I'm looking for something to replace them if I have to...
  4. pablomago

    P-90 Les Pauls Standard or Traditional?

    Is Gibson making any Les Paul's with P-90's other then Studios, Tributes or Historic? I don't see anything on the Gibson web site but it's not the easiest site to navigate. It seems that a used Historic '56 might be my best option.
  5. pablomago

    G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carve Top

    I wanted a guitar with dual humbuckers and a Fender scale and was going to build a partscaster until I came upon one of these G&L Tribute guitars, made in Indonesia. After doing a little research, I found one on ebay for about $100 below what the usual suspects were selling them for. I got a red...
  6. pablomago

    Good Humbucker to Mate with a P-90

    I'm going to stick a bridge humbucker in a Epi ES 339 P-90 Pro. I don't need top of the line, but I'd like something good that taps well and matches up with the P-90 neck pickup. Suggestions?
  7. pablomago

    Les Paul String Gauges

    What gauge strings do you have on your Les Paul's? I've used a .010 set forever, but I'm thinking of going to a .0095 or hybrid set with a .009. I 'm getting spoiled running hybrid sets on my Esquire and Strat, but they're a totally different beasts.
  8. pablomago

    Tell Me About LP Customs

    I was watching a Fleetwood Mac video with Bob Weston on YouTube and it gave me the bug for a used Les Paul Custom. I've played very few, and have never really been attracted to them. Now I'm on a quest. I know I want one in Wine Red and I'd like to keep it under $2000. Lighter would probably...
  9. pablomago

    Pots in a Les Paul Custom

    Do LP Customs use long or short shaft pots? I'm thinking guitars from the '80's and '90's. I haven't found the guitar yet, but I'm planning mods on the guitar I get and I'm starting to aquire the parts in advance.
  10. pablomago

    Played a Nice LP Over the Weekend

    I was visiting a friend who is learning guitar and he has an old Harmony acoustic. I brought my Taylor acoustic to jam but before I could pull it out, I noticed a big plastic case with a Gibson logo on it. I asked if I could check it out and he pulled out a striking LP. It was a mid '80's...
  11. pablomago

    Is There Something Wrong with My Zendrive?

    I just got a Zendrive. Expecting a "Dumble in a box," I'm just not hearing it. There's a spitzy buzzy sound on the high end that I find annoying. Where's the smooth OD everyone talks about? Is this user error or a problem with my pedal?
  12. pablomago

    4 X 12" On the Cheap

    I've been thinking about adding a 4 X 12" to my collection. I figure with wheels and handles and low powered speakers, it'd be easier to move around then my 2 X 12" with JBL's. I'd be powering it with a Traynor Bassmaster or eventually a JTM-45 clone. I'm into early '60's tones, the usual...
  13. pablomago

    What Amp Would This Be?

    I was thinking about amps today and I'm looking for something small and Marshall like. Single 12" combo. 15-25 watts. Single channel with a full tone stack (or just volume and tone?). I don't know what the output stage would be. 2 X EL 84? A single EL 34 or equiv.? I want something that breaks...
  14. pablomago

    TV Jones P-90's

    Has anyone tried then in an LP yet? I like his Gretsch pickups.
  15. pablomago

    Tiki Drive E.E.'s New Signature Pedal

    Elliot, are you here? I just saw the Tiki Drive on the Hermida Audio website. Tell us about it. What kind of sound are you going for? What would you compare it to?
  16. pablomago

    Pots won't go to Zero

    I rewired a friends LP. It's a studio that has a P-90 and a bucker. It had a kill switch and a volume and two tone controls (IIRC). I rewired it to regular LP, lost the kill switch and set it up with two volumes (500K) and two tones (300K). We were at practice the other night and we realized...
  17. pablomago

    Rewired Friends Guitar, No Sound

    I'm rewiring a friend's LP Studio, the one that comes with three knobs, a kill switch and a three way switch by the controls. I'm wiring it the standard two volume, two tone using the "Modern '50's" diagram in the archive. I got it all wired up and I got no sound. There are two things that could...
  18. pablomago

    New Pots in a Studio

    My bandmate has an odd LP Studio. It's a special edition from sometime in the last few years that has an alligator sort of finish, a neck P-90 and bridge 'bucker. The controls are the three way switch, two volumes and a master tone plus a kill switch. He'd like me to rewired it like a regular...
  19. pablomago

    Matching Guitars and Amps

    I have a gig coming up with an acoustic guitarist/singer and I wanted to find the right sound. I am blessed with a decent collection of guitars and amps. At rehearsal I used a Strat and a Mesa Studio .22+ and I liked the sound OK, but it was a little dark and middy. So yesterday pulled out some...
  20. pablomago

    Talk Boxes Anyone?

    Last summer my neighbor gave me a little battery powered amp that had belonged to her ex. The batteries had leaked and destroyed the battery holders (this thing used something like eight "C" or "D" cells) and corroded the speaker. Luckily it has an input for a wall wart and I found one that...