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  1. Bugman58

    NGD , R8 Murphy Lab ultra light aging

    What’s Up, I’ve been not active on here for a long time, I’ve been lurking 👀 here and there over the years. I came around in 2006 and started a journey of buying and selling and chasing the perfect Flame Top which I found out does not exist, Atleast for me any way. It was unhealthy for me and my...
  2. Bugman58

    Fargen Mini Plex MKlll what speakers for 2x12 cab

    i have a MKlll head coming. i have a avatar 2x12 cab. was wondering the best speakers to use. years ago i had a MKll and matching 2x12 cab loaded with a greenback and a vintage 30. was thinking of using two greenbacks this time. im far from a speaker expert, any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. Bugman58

    Throbak SLE 101Pick ups

    are the original Throbaks with the NOS wire impossible to come by these days, Have not seen them anywhere for sale. They where all the rage around 2009ish
  4. Bugman58

    NGD. 58 Reissue Plain Top 08

    NGD. 58 Reissue Plain Top 08, Pics added Have not had a les paul in a few years and wanted a good player that would fit my budget. This is a 2008 R8 thats great in every way except I'm not crazy about heritage cherry, But my goal was to get a great player in good shape and i did that. so i may...
  5. Bugman58

    Im Back!!! Big Brown Truck Comes Tomorrow!!!

    Hey Guy"s the Bugman is back in town. I never left really i lurked around once in a while to keep up with the latest in Historics. I had to sell my gear a few years ago and things where tight. I really got caught up in the gas of buying and selling and always wanting the next best thing. I...
  6. Bugman58

    Will this be a slow year around here.

    I cant help but wonder if 2014 will be kind of slow for us around here. 2013 was a GREAT year for Historic"s and lots of members bought great Les pauls. I think the C.C Run will do good and as always Big tops will sell. One of the big dealers still has a lot of 2013 stock left, 21 R9s 27 R8s and...
  7. Bugman58

    Greg Martin C.C #15

    Greg Martin #15 Number 63 came yesterday and So far I really like her. I was worried about the neck being to small for me as I like chunky 50s necks and this run have all been in the .890 to .910 Im not sure the measurement of this one but it feels good. I have never felt a real 59 neck so not...
  8. Bugman58

    new 2014 FireBird

    Picked up this 2014 FireBird yesterday, Went looking for an SG and this flew home with me instead. Has the high set as the birds in other thread but plays ok needs some tweaking to stop the buzzing. Not sure of weight but it feels really light.
  9. Bugman58

    Price difference between CC#13 and CC#15??

    I am looking at buying a CC#15 they are asking 6,322.00 and the CC#13 is 7,998.00 there both pretty much plain tops. Is T.M still doing some or are they all in house now. Wondering why a 1,676.00 difference in price between these models.
  10. Bugman58

    Just another 2013 R8

    I bought this a few months ago and never got around to posting it. There are so many C.C models and sig models this year I figured I would not bore anyone. Buts its my favorite 2013 so far. It has a nice chunky neck with soft shoulders and its just under 9lbs. Its a Vos Bourbon Burst. I seem to...
  11. Bugman58

    What mods have you done to a 2013 R7,R8,R9

    Seems everybody is so happy with there new 2013 Historic"s and rightly so. What changes have you made? I have not herd any talk of throbaks any more? I just bought a 13 R8 plain top that sounds good but I might want to have a little fun and change the pickups and wiring.
  12. Bugman58

    2013 Hand Picked Slightly Figured R8

    2013 limited run hand picked Gloss top and fret board slightly figured 58 Reissue. 8.7lbs.
  13. Bugman58

    JOE PERRY Burst Registry,,,,

    Lets post all the Perry Burst les pauls here,,, The Vos,,Aged and Aged singed,,,,,,
  14. Bugman58

    Warren Haynes Playing a 2013 R9

    Warren Haynes Playing a 2013 R9 ??? Went to see the ABB at the Beacon in NYC on 3-15-13 and Warren played a 2013 R9 with a killer top. He played it the whole night except for one song he used a 335. He sounded better than ever and played lead most of the night. I guess he just had to have one!!!!!!
  15. Bugman58

    Joe Perry Aged #018

    Joe Perry Aged #018 Pics added First off these pics stink, The one day there is no sun in Arizona is the day I need to try and get a few pics. I will try again tomorrow for better light. The top on this one has a lot of figure at different angles Kind of on off type of top. The Biggest thing I...
  16. Bugman58

    RT66 Has the first 2013"s posted

    They sure look nice,,,,,,,,,
  17. Bugman58

    N.O.S 07 R8

    Picked up this NOS 07 R8 today from guitar center. Made an offer and was surprised they took it. Its 8.7lbs with a big full shoulders neck, Just the way i like them. Has a light madagascar fret board.
  18. Bugman58

    Keith Nelson Historic Les Pauls

    Keith Nelson Breaks down his Stage gear and Historic les pauls, CC2 Goldie,,, Dave johnson make over,,,,
  19. Bugman58

    Historic 59 ES335,,, The Rat,,,,,

    I picked up this 07 Historic 59 335 this week or maybe it found me? I think its kind of funny because i am very anal when it comes to buying used guitars. I like every thing clean and close to mint as possible. So a pic of the case was not in the add. I open the box and see it had a few glue...
  20. Bugman58

    Sweet Lemon!!!!!

    Dave made me do it. Get this new 2012 R8 that is. I saw all the new R8"S they got and kept checking and every day they got a few more than I saw this one and called my guy and was hoping it would not have a chunky neck. I was told out of the bunch this one was one of the best sounding and...