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  1. glenngross

    PRS McCarty (Les Paul-ish)

    I went to 57/08s in mine and haven’t looked back. On the other hand, there’s a guy on the PRS forum who’s gone full circle and put the originals back in his.
  2. glenngross

    Mike Bowen

    He stopped into Guitar Gallery with his wife within the last few weeks. I wasn’t there, but he’s still with us.
  3. glenngross

    2013 R9 Historic from Vic Dapra Collection

    While Vic had limited runs made for the store, this does not appear to be one of them. The run of 25 in 2013 was “Shadows of 59”, which would be noted on the COA.
  4. glenngross

    Quality of ceriatone amplifiers?

    OTS 50 FM
  5. glenngross

    Thoughts on ES-355 1959 Reissue

    PSA: Theres a 2021 blonde 355 on TGP priced well. No affiliation, but the seller always seems to have good stuff.
  6. glenngross

    Prices, value, and thoughts on 1964 ES-335

    My local dealer has (at least he did as of last week) a new 64. PM me and I can check if it’s still there. Pricing was righteous.
  7. glenngross

    Gruhn #61

    Although this is number 61, Gibson Custom has told Vic that they haven't produced 61 CC35s. How they assign serial numbers remains a mystery. I'll try to get some pictures in natural light soon. sorry for the iPhone pics; CD I'm not...
  8. glenngross

    PSA - Leftover 2014 R4

    There's a new leftover 2014 at Guitar Gallery in Canonsburg, PA in case anyone is interested. Price is super. Somebody buy this before I succumb....
  9. glenngross

    2012 R9 to HM

    My first Historic was a 2012 Washed Cherry Gloss R9. I was willing to live with the laminated board etc., even after getting a 2013 R7 and a 2013 Vic DaPra Shadows of '59. However, my Vic DaPra Stick Shift '59 guaranteed a trip to Kim's for the 2012 R9. The first paint went on today. Pics go...
  10. glenngross

    NGD Stick Shift 59 #8 and Friend

    When I went to pick up #8, I brought my 2013 "Shadows of 59" to Vic's for a quick photo session:
  11. glenngross

    Brian Ray '63 SG - #012 of 100

    6lbs. 15 oz with Bigsby! :salude
  12. glenngross

    1962 LP Junior and 1964 SG Standard

    The SG is as I bought it in the eighties with Schallers installed and a Les Paul truss rod cover. The cover might have been a factory leftover or not. The Junior is a recent addition from forum member mbowen. Thanks Mike!
  13. glenngross

    2011 R0 Plaintop - Musicians Friend Run

    Vic took one of these in on trade. I couldn't resist...
  14. glenngross

    2012 R9 Washed Cherry Gloss and 2013 R7 VOS

    After not buying a guitar for over 20 years and hardly playing for the last 10, my plan was to ease back into it. But, the shop less than 1/2 mile from my house is owned by Vic...