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  1. Mattyboy75

    5F1 Amp Kit

    Hi all, looking to build a champ amp. Never built one before but I am a handy person and fine with a soldering iron. any ideas for the best one? Im looking for the whole lot with cabinet and speaker etc. I’m in the UK so postage and 110v may be an issue with US kits. I hear the Tube Amp...
  2. Mattyboy75

    Claptons Lost Burst.

    Hi guys. Not sure if the US version of the magazine is the same but this month there’s a great article about Eric’s stolen Burst. Lots of great pics too.
  3. Mattyboy75

    Pick up rings

    Hi guys/ gals. I have a LP Standard 2004 and the pick up rings are very shallow. The neck one is the same thickness as the pick guard. Where is the best place in the UK to get some more historic sized ones? They don’t have to be originals or historically accurate as such because it’s a fairly...
  4. Mattyboy75

    Fret marker alignment

    Hi people, I have a 2004 Les Paul standard and have noticed that the fret markers (the ones actually on the fingerboard) aren’t all centred every well. I have checked the whole neck everywhere with a straight edge and it seems fine, it plays perfectly (intonation is good at every fret) but...
  5. Mattyboy75

    A question of tone.

    Hi all, I have a genuine and polite question about the search for “tone”. lots of members here talk about getting the “PAF tone” and basically trying to get a tone that replicates, I assume, the tone of 58-60 burst and there is lots of talk about boutique pup makers and their various efforts...