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  1. rbehm

    Les paul shanks...hehe

    No need to leave a huge paragraph...but I love this guitar, sounds and feels like an old les paul standard, and i've played a 59 les paul before. This one is .....I have no idea how they did it...but they made this guitar really special. Took some pictures today as well as some gear i got to...
  2. rbehm

    Truss Rod Trouble

    What could be happening with my truss rod if I make my adjustment and a day later the neck curve was back to where it was ...now, I repeated this about 6 times and the threads are sticking out from the nut as if the rod was being pulled straight up through the neck.
  3. rbehm

    Ace Frehley Budakon VOS

    I am on the verge of buying one, I am not an Ace fanboy ,I do think he is cool ,but this Guitar after playing it has me bewitched body and soul. I am really at odds with myself . I have played pro for some years and now Play in a 70's Tribute band( not a Kiss one)Part of me says ARE YOU...
  4. rbehm


    I have been told by 2 prominent Luthiers that Gibson is no longer using nitrocellulose or at the least changed the formula .Has anyone any knowledge of this?
  5. rbehm

    68 SR speaker suggestions?

    I picked up a 68 Super for a good price ,but the speakers are not stock,any thoughts as to what would go good in it?
  6. rbehm

    Patent # T-Tops

    I just instaled one in one of my Guitars,'61sg LP RI I rather like it ,at 7.7k I thought it was gonna sound weak and thin , however much to my surprise it's full ,really musical and dementional . anyone else like these?
  7. rbehm

    2550 Jube vol drop

    On the clean ch. which sounds fine ,I pull out the "rhythm crunch" on the input Vol knob, and there is a drastic volume drop,other than that the amp seems "normal" is there something wrong?
  8. rbehm


    I was in the studio last night ,my regular amp had a bad preamp tube,so what the heck,we plug in a Peavey Classic 50 to a rivera 2x12 (v-30's),and turned it up , well I'll be go to hell, there it was,clean funky comping to ,single note Rock Riffs,to classic rock anthem chords,my guitar fit great...
  9. rbehm

    Jcm 602 2x12 combo

    I have never heard of these untill yesterday,speakers are G12 heritage . could'nt find on search can anyone get me up to speed on these?
  10. rbehm

    ThroBak Flavor of the Decade

    I Just finished a session ,I had alot of Guitars to play with , a gorgeous '63 335 all stock. I had my 61 RI SG with THroBak Ltd Plus set. The 335 was really great sounding and playing ,but guess what , I thought the ThroBaks sounded better,I know apples and oranges,335/Sg but the ThroBaks had a...
  11. rbehm

    ThroBak Flavor of the Decade

    double post
  12. rbehm

    There Here...and in SLE 101 plus ltd's

    Oh my goodness ,blues for stevie was right.everything he said that is my review ...these are speacial ...I have a big gig Friday..this is gonna be good ...no time for clips ..WOW ..this is the SOUND ,and FEEL Thanks to Jon for making these things happen did I say WOW ? I hope he doesn't run...
  13. rbehm

    Blue Sky set first impressions

    Installed the Blue Sky Set in my Explorer My 1st ipression was ..whoa these sound really really good. then it went to "woody", "Airy" "focused" and all the "PAF superlatives" What caught me off gaurd was the "Feel" ..they are very alive and responsive I could't stop playing it was like...
  14. rbehm


    Does any one know if there are any new wireless systems that are usable?
  15. rbehm

    Surprise ...surprise

    I have not been to keen on the Marshall reissues,but I played through a new 50 watt 1987x RI WOW this is the kinda tone I remember from the glory days of Marshall ,this thing is a Brute. I was shocked at how GREAT ,aggressive ,rich..... and punishingly LOUD this thing is.I have played the SLP...
  16. rbehm

    vibro-king speakers

    Any thoughts on the stock jenson 10's? Ha anyone had good results swapping out for emis or ???
  17. rbehm

    77 marshall 4x12 price check

    I have a chance to buy a '77 4x12 w/rola 25w g12m's anyone know what a good price would be and what the cabs are like??
  18. rbehm

    Vibro King Help/opinons

    I am auditioning a 2005 VK , at rehearsal it didn't sound all that loud I had to run it at 4 with tone controls on 5 .. I swapped out all tubes with known good ones to no avail. OT tubes are circle c Svets..6L6 ..on the tube chart it calls for 5881's. Also the Jenson speakers ,they sound okay...
  19. rbehm

    Hughes & Kettner -Statesman

    Are there any Gigging Players (amongst us) using H&K Amps on stage? I was curious about the Statesman 6L6.
  20. rbehm

    AC- 15 Handwired is on the way....

    Anyone out there gigging with one ,,,were a 3 pc..and play small clubs/pubs. I mic up a little just to fill out the mix...I used one for a rehearsal and it seemed fine ...but I have not gigged one yet:drac