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  1. TM1

    Historically Accurate ABR-1.. Who makes one?

    I'm wondering who makes the most accurate ABR-1 with the right metal make-up? I see Faber offers one that's 70% Zinc and 30% Aluminium. I don't know what the composition of the new Historic ABR-1's are, but it would be nice to know. Anyway, I've been looking for a real `50's/early Sixties one...
  2. TM1

    Joe B on “To Tell The Truth” TV show..

    We don’t normally watch regular TV, it’s usually Netflix, Hulu, etc. But last night we flipped the channel over to ABC and watched To Tell The Truth. The 2nd segment was “I’m a Blues Musician”. It was Joe and a couple of other folks who they dressed up to look like they could be “Blues”...
  3. TM1

    Celestion 10" #7601's

    Hi Folks! Anyone know much about these? They are damn near identical to the #7724's. These are both 16 ohm, codes are PKL & VKL Thanks!!
  4. TM1

    I bought a Murphy Lab R-9

    I took the plunge and got a Murphy Lab R-9. I haven't bought a new Custom Shop Lester in 11 years.
  5. TM1

    Any Love for the `80's Super Champ?

    I bought a 1982 Super Champ about 3 weeks ago. I did a little swapping of components. The Tone stack had a typical Fender .047, .1 & 250pf setup with the 100K slope resistor. I went with a pair of .022's, a silver mica 250pf and a 56K slope resistor and I put a pair of .047's between the Phase...
  6. TM1

    The Creation: Eddie Phillips on Guitar

    I've admired his tone and playing for a bit, but always wondered what he's using. I know he's a 335 fan, but what about the amps and pedals. He has a real unique tone/sound.. Cheers/Thanks!
  7. TM1

    1959 L.P. Special Dilema

    I have a early double cut Cherry LP Special that I bought about 30 years ago. It had a neck/body break at one time and fixed poorly, but still functioned. The neck pickup is all the way up against the end of the fingerboard. About 2007 I sent it to Todd Money at Gibson Restorations.. Wrong move...
  8. TM1

    Who Makes Great Mini-HB's?

    I got one of those new Epiphone Crestwood Customs! Absolutely a wonderful guitar and I'm pretty impressed. However I'd like to get a great set of mini's to replace the Asian made ones in the guitar. Who do you all recommend? Thanks!
  9. TM1


    A friend of mine named Chris Ven Haus is launching a new line of Caps: https://www.v-cap.com/tone-capacitors.php These are the best & clearest sounding caps I've ever used in a guitar or in an amp! Believe me, I'm not saying this because Chris has become my friend, I'm saying this because I...
  10. TM1

    What Does The "D" Stand for In TDC?

    I've always thought that in 3XX's guitars that the "D" stood for Double Cutaway. I was chatting with someone the other day and they said it stands for "Double Pickup".. Anyone have the right answer? Thanks!! I know the "T" stands for Thin and the "C" stands for Cherry..
  11. TM1

    R.I.P. Peter Green..

    Just heard from a source in U.K. that Peter has passed today in his sleep. 25/7/2020. go play some early Fleetwood Mac LP’s and remember what he gave us!
  12. TM1

    Premier Reverb Unit. Anyone haere with one? Questions

    I have a mid Sixties Premier Reverb unit. It has a weird sound that I know can't be normal. It has a sound like the springs are slightly shaking all the time. I've replaced both valves(6EU7 & 6AK6) re-capped(replaced) the electrolytics and replaced the power cable. I've also replaced a few of...
  13. TM1

    Clapton Stuff

    I'm guessing this is probably not the right place, but I don't know where that would be. But... a new book on his gear is coming: https://www.claptonlivehistory.com/ It has 275 photos and 85% of them have never been seen before. Let's hope there's some new ones for his Beano Guitar. So TW if...
  14. TM1


    I just got an email from NAMM (since I'm a member..) and they are cancelling this Summer's show in Nashville the 9th-11th of July.. <tbody> <tbody class="mcnImageBlockOuter"> <tbody> </tbody> </tbody> <tbody class="mcnTextBlockOuter"> <tbody> Dear NAMM Family, After speaking with...
  15. TM1

    Strange Problem with a ‘53 P-90

    I have a set of P-90’s & wiring harness from a ‘53 GT that I’ve put in my R-4 (was a GT when I got it and then sent it to Kim @ Historic Makeovers about 10 years back, so seemed only fitting to be in here. but..... after soldering it all in the neck pickup isn’t working right.. if I tap on the...
  16. TM1

    Origin Effects "Revival Trem"!! Ah-Mazing!

    I got my RevivalTrem yesterday. It's is just uncanny how much it sounds exactly like my 1961 brown Deluxe. You can use it as just a "sound alike" as the Trem is foot-switchable in or out. I'm just stunned how great this sounds as side by side with my "real" brown Deluxe it's identical!! I don't...
  17. TM1

    R-7 Jr. Roasted Body & Neck Opinions.

    I just bought a slightly used ‘57 Jr from Music Zoo. It’s a 2017 and is suppose to be all Hide Glue construction and the Mahogany body & neck are “Roasted”. I was wondering if anyone here has one and what your opinion is of it vs. the non-roasted version. The one very weird thing to me is that...
  18. TM1

    NVAD- 62 Brown Princeton!

    I’ve been looking for a bit for one of these as they go really quick on Reverb. Bought a 1962 (51st week of 1962). Numbers stamped in ink on the tube chart are “L L”. Why buy one of those faux versions from Fender when you can get the real deal for less.. This was already cut for a 12” speaker...
  19. TM1

    Doug & Pat Show's new Video:

    Here's the nestest video from the guys: https://youtu.be/wcm2LcDL878 Pretty cool!!
  20. TM1

    Any RevivalDRIVE Compact Users Here?

    I've had a full size RevivalDRIVE since they came out last year and love it. So having a smaller one to take to rehearsals is great. That way I can just leave the big one on my board.. I've been wondering if anyone has a compact version? I love it, but do miss the Ghost notes pot and 55Hz...