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    one piece tops

    I've always loved one piece top Lesters. Does anybody have any idea how rare a one piece top is on an historic Les Paul? Any R-8,R-9 or R-0 with a piece top out there? I'm curious, and what's left of my inquiring mind wants to know. Pics would be cool too.
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    stop tail ES135

    I've been playing this ES135 for quite a while now. Over the past year or so it's become my go to axe. I have been thinking about putting a stop tail on it for about the past 8 months or so, but since it has a Balsa block in it I was very hesitant about do this. Well I finally came up with an...
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    bet my warranty is void now

    My '06 R-0 has reluctantly reliquished it's fingerboard and neck. I guess this qualifies as a project x guitar. It was interesting removing the neck. I havent done this in probably eight years, but it's like riding a bycicle. I must say the ugly glue that you see squirted all over the inside...
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    lightweight lester

    On Friday I was checking out some guitars at a GC. I found a Standard that was extremely light in weight.......I'm talking probably less than 7 pounds. I didnt weigh it, but it was unbelievably light. The guitar has killer acoustic volume, tone and resonance. It also has the most highly...
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    huh....I can't hear you?...what?

    What are people doing for hearing protection these days. Back in the dark ages of the mid 1970's I used to run two 45 watt Marshalls at 12 o'clock or higher simultaneously(later in the night they always ended up wide open). New years eve 1981 I used three hundred watt Marshalls at full tilt...
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    tone caps

    What kind of tone caps are people using?
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    Question about R0 VOS

    I have an '06 R0. Almost all of the R0's I've seen have highly figured tops and a very thin neck profile. The only other plaintop I've seen is a darkburst. My guitar came with a "Gibson Custom" black case with the dark red interior, not the Lifton case. It came with all of the case candy...
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    what color is this?

    I recently bought this '06 plaintop R0. It came with all the hang tags and COA but the model number wasn't filled in and the serial was scribbled in with a pen, not stamped. I'm not sure what the color is. Anyone have a clue what the model and color is? I think it's a LPR0 VO tea burst. It...