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  1. zorglub!

    Another Burst just added to the Log - 9 0327

    Its new gallery HERE... enjoy! :jim
  2. zorglub!

    burstserial.com is now a teenager!

    burstserial.com is turning 13 years old! :bug Who would have thought in 2005 we would still be doing it today? We have gone through a lot in this time, always walking close to the LPF and learning a lot from its members! These are some of the facts we are most proud of: 10,572 photos...
  3. zorglub!

    The Amsterdam Burst (#8 6799)

    I had never heard about this guitar... :photos https://reverb.com/item/17668783-gibson-les-paul-standard-1958-amsterdam-burst :photos Serial number: #8 6799. Original 1958 Les Paul Standard. Never before published. A beauty to behold a Beast to play! Restored to original glory by Florian...
  4. zorglub!

    9 1259

    The Japanese book from last year shows a different 9 1259... :hmm
  5. zorglub!

    Songbirds Bursts Exhibit

    I just saw this video from Songbirds about the upcoming Bursts expo on July/8th, with 35 original examples! :yah For those of you lucky enough to be there please share, many thanks!
  6. zorglub!

    Any info on this guitar?

    Title of the video: Orignal 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard reunited with former owner Phil Harris https://youtu.be/wHnuisbPLso Anybody knows more about this guitar?
  7. zorglub!

    New Burst just popped up! (9 0596)

    Vic just introduced 9 0596 from his facebook account: "A friend discovered it from the orig. owner's family" :dude:
  8. zorglub!

    10 years of wear (goldtop content)

    There are 10 years between these two photos. Initially I thought I had not put much wear during this time, but looking at the area where the right arm rests... Damn, not only it has grown but also got darker! Let's see how it evolves, I will report back in another 10 years... :hank
  9. zorglub!

    Tweed Deluxe handle replacement

    Some months ago I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday with a present I had wanted for a long time: an original Tweed Deluxe. I finally decided to go for this one and everything was great. I am no collector so the amp gets played all the time. I take good care of it but it is out of the house...
  10. zorglub!

    Take a look at this...

    https://youtu.be/SGtpr15VasQ :hmm
  11. zorglub!

    NEW burstserial.com site with NEW features!

    The new burstserial.com site is now LIVE!!! After 10 years the site has grown and evolved so much, that it really deserved to be refreshed. With almost 9,000 photos classified per serial number, and 6 millions hits per year, the new platform allows for brand new features like: Much clearer...
  12. zorglub!

    Steve Lukather Bursts: '59 and '60 identified!

    We have known about the (more famous) '59 for years now, as it is his most famous Les Paul (9 0494). But just as of today we have identified his '60 as 0 1940 ! Extracted from this interview: Let’s talk about your guitars. Obviously, I’m a Music Man guy now, but I have collected some...
  13. zorglub!

    16 Bursts in Chattanooga Choo Choo

    We need those logged, huh? :peace2 http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/local/story/2015/oct/25/guitar-collectinon-/332390/
  14. zorglub!

    Uncirculated '60 just popped up

    http://www.thunderroadguitars.com/store/#1960-gibson-les-paul-burst I had never seen it, serial number 0 81xx.
  15. zorglub!

    Uncirculated '59 Burst just showed up (9 0307)

    According to the owner this was the first Burst imported and sold in Canada. It is 100% original, including the original receipt from 1959, original case and even the keys for it! :##
  16. zorglub!

    1958 Goldtop from an island

    Let's see where it goes... http://entertainment.ha.com/itm/vintage-guitars-and-musical-instruments/1958-gibson-les-paul-standard-goldtop-solid-body-electric-guitar-serial-8-2794/a/7114-85059.s?ic4=ListView-ShortDescription-071515#
  17. zorglub!

    8 5419 is a fading beauty

    We already had some old blurry photos of it, but these new ones are great! And of course the old ones...
  18. zorglub!

    WTB Fender 2x12 Cabinet (Europe preferred)

    I have a blackface Bassman looking for a matching 2x12 cabinet. It is 0k if it does not have any speakers in it... Please contact me via email: contact@burstserial.com Thanks!
  19. zorglub!

    WTB American Jensen C12N

    If you have 1 or 2 old Jensen C12N speakers (Made in Chicago, not the new Italian ones) in good condition please let me know. You may contact me via e-mail: contact@burstserial.com Thanks!