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  1. Drew68

    R8 Les Paul, no covers, no pickguard

    Time to do a restring and a little cleaning. Decided to clean under the pickguard so off it went. Curious what the stock Burstbuckers looked like sans covers so I removed those as well. Left me with a stripped-down, lean mean rock machine. Whaddya think?
  2. Drew68

    REO Speedwagon reunites with Gary Richrath for benefit concert

    Possible vintage 'burst content? Per Kevin Cronin: "Dave [Amato] had set up one of his Marshall amps for Gary to play through. Gary brought along a vintage Les Paul, and the stage was set..." http://ultimateclassicrock.com/reo-speedwagon-gary-richrath-reunion-2013/ Here's some video...
  3. Drew68

    Anyone have Slash's Goldtop?

    It was an 1989/90 Gibson Goldtop, serial #70854 He says he loved it and wants to buy it back and will make it worth your while. http://slashonline.com/2013/05/24/help-slash-find-an-old-friend/
  4. Drew68

    NAD!!! Meet 'Thor' my new YJM100

    Just couldn't pass it up. Sitting atop a 1960BHW, I couldn't say no so I grabbed the cabinet as well. I used to own a DSL50 half-stack that I had to get rid off. After diming this monster for all of about 2 seconds at the store, that ole' DSL might as well have been an MG15. I could not...
  5. Drew68

    Norlin Experts, please help ID'ing this Studio.

    In addition to this forum, I also post over at TGP. On the following thread a member wanted help identifying an '84 Studio that was offered to him in trade for his '91 Flying V. He had never seen a Studio with block inlays and wanted to know if it was real...
  6. Drew68

    Gibson Jonas Bros. Signature Melody Maker

    Yes, this is real. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Melody-Maker/Gibson-USA/Jonas-Brothers-Melody-Maker/Specs.aspx Might be a good project guitar to refinish in Pelham Blue.
  7. Drew68

    This, my friends, is how it's done...

    A Les Paul, a coiled guitar cable and a Marshall Plexi. Add a dose of tasty pentatonic wanking, work the crowd a bit and rock and roll ensues! A simple formula for success. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suud0wxDB3c The band is called Flash Lightnin' and I'd never heard of them before but I...
  8. Drew68

    Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute

    Can't find them on Gibson, MF or GC websites but Amazon has them for preorder at $849. Miss the Studio Gems? Here's another chance to pick up a Studio with P90s at a great price. The 50's neck is a plus. I can't seem to get a pic to post here but there's five available finishes over at...
  9. Drew68

    Said goodbye to an old friend (and hello to a new one)

    My 2000 Classic had treated me well for quite some time. It was a good guitar, still is. But I just felt it was time for this wonderful guitar to find a new home for itself. Well, a nice fellow name Saul gave me a call yesterday and told me he might have something I'd be interested in...
  10. Drew68

    What's the deal with this guitar? (P90 VM Studio)

    I'm looking for a P90 Lester and am really digging this guitar! http://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_les_paul_studio_p_90_wb.htm Can't seem to find it listed for sale anywhere in the USA. What gives? Anyone know why Gibson released it for overseas sale but not here? Marketing? Competition...