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  1. rob livesey

    Orange label in a 1970 335?

    I’ve been discussing details of a guitar which is owned by an old friend. It’s a cherry 335, stoptail converted. It has a three piece neck, volute (not a small volute), and Made in USA stamp. Everything about it tells me it should have a purple diamond label but it doesn’t, it has an oval...
  2. rob livesey

    Adding a Stoptail to a 1969 335?

    Hi Chaps, I picked this one up this week. I think it's 69 based on features. One piece neck, no volute, no "Made in USA", witch hats, no dot over the "i" in Gibson and the one pot I can read with a dental mirror is dated 11th week of 1968. I have a desire to add a stoptail, as it is a little...
  3. rob livesey

    NGD x 2 - UK Clearance sale: 2017 Historic 1958 Standard Les Pauls

    Hi Chaps, There has been a bit of a frenzy over this side of the pond over the last week or so. In readiness for the launch of the 2019 line-up, Gibson have been clearing the decks of all the 2017 '58 and '59 reissues laying in European warehouses. I heard it's about 300 guitars in total. A...
  4. rob livesey

    NVGD: '60 Special, hot rod mutt

    I picked this one up from Richard Henry on Friday, he posted it up the day before, and I knew I had to move quickly. This is a real players guitar, lots of wear and battle scars with a few modifications and changes. Importantly, the finish is original and it's had no breaks or repairs. After a...
  5. rob livesey

    Jumping@Shadows, this is a job for you! Butchered Junior content - be prepared!

    Yuuki, do you think you could save this one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122242748493 The poor thing. Rob.
  6. rob livesey

    5F4 Super, which Celestions have you tried?

    My Victoria Super is now on top form caps and tubes wise. However, I think the reissue Jensen P10R's are a little underwhelming. I know Joe B runs Celestion 10's in his Bassmans, and I really dig that tone. Has anyone got any recommendations as to what I should try out first? Or indeed, does...
  7. rob livesey

    Red or Yellow Jupiter caps for Tweed build?

    Hi chaps, Just wondering if anyone has tried these caps and if anyone has a preferred colour for tweed builds? The reason I ask is that I just picked up an old Victoria 35210 and it has had some caps replaced with paralleled old ones. I'd like to put it back, but coud take this opportunity to...
  8. rob livesey

    Someone please hook me up with a 6G3 Brown Deluxe !

    Hi Chaps, All these 6G3 Deluxes keep cropping up on here recently and it just makes me want to cry when I remember having to sell a matching pair back in the 90's. Yes, a matching pair! I used to run them together and what a sound it was. If anyone is selling one, knows of anyone selling one...
  9. rob livesey

    Factory black '60 Junior.

    A dealer here in the UK has what he claims to be a factory black '60 Junior. Rare as hens teeth as we say in UK. What do you guys reckon? http://www.audiotoyshop.com/store/p217/1960_Gibson_Les_Paul_Junior_factory_BLACK___HSC.html Discuss........ Rob.
  10. rob livesey

    Anyone tried a Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini?

    I've been watching a view vids and reviews on youtube about this amp and it seems that no matter what, you can't get a bad sound of these things. Some of the tones I've heard have been excellent. I'm interested to know if anyone has tried one or owns one and how you feel about it, particularly...
  11. rob livesey

    NVGD: 1973 SG, a lightweight slab of Honduran goodness.

    Hi chaps, I've hijacked the thread in the 61-69 pub for too long, so here is my '73 SG which arrived today! The deal was very smooth, and it arrived in a full flight case! This is only my second SG, the last one I had was probably more than 20 years ago and I regretted selling it. So after a...
  12. rob livesey

    Minty LSLP on the bay UK

    Hey chaps, Another minty goldtop on UK ebay. I have no affiliation with this one either, just giving you a heads up to check it out. I would dearly love this one. Opinions on price...
  13. rob livesey

    Super clean '55 Gold Top

    This is a sort of Public Service Announcement, as I thought some people might want to look at the pics. It popped up tonight on my ebay search. I have no affiliation at all with the seller. I have never seen a vintage Les Paul sooooo clean...
  14. rob livesey

    Please help me identify these caps.

    The pots in this guitar move very freely, maybe too freely, so it's easy to move them unintentionally. I don't recall the other bursts I have played having "loose" pots. Before I do anything rash, I want to know exactly what these caps are in the guitar. I know there are a few variations, some...
  15. rob livesey

    NGD: 59 Replica

    Hi Chaps, Some of you have asked in another thread for more pics of the replica I got this week. So here it is, with a few details. The guitar is based on the John Squire/Richie Sambora Burst. All the wear replicates that guitar, the luthier was able to have the real guitar in hand during the...
  16. rob livesey

    Replacement P90's for my R6 ?

    Hi Chaps, I'm looking to replace the P90's in my 2014 R6. The stock pickups are just not cutting the mustard for me. I find them to be a little underpowered and the guitar just doesn't drive either my 5E3 or my 18 watter to where I would like them to go. I have read lots of previous posts...
  17. rob livesey

    Joe B - Leeds, UK 24th October 2015, please find guitar geekery enclosed.

    Hi Chaps, My wife and I are just back home from Leeds after a great weekend of guitar geekery and guitar mastery (thanks Joe!). Someone in the team was very kind to us and got us great seats, third row, front and centre! If that was you Joe, thank you. If it wasn't, please thank them on our...
  18. rob livesey

    NAD: Vintage Park content

    Hi Chaps, I picked this one last night from our good friend Richard Henry. I've heard lots of good things about these but in all my years of amp geekery I have never actually come across one, I think they are pretty rare. I've been looking around at 2204's and 2104's, but the thought of lugging...
  19. rob livesey

    John Lennon's J160E found in a secondhand shop, to be auctioned

    What do you guys make of this? It disappeared after a gig decades ago and has been found in a secondhand shop. Apparently it has been authenticated from pictures and film footage. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-33017677 Rob.
  20. rob livesey

    True Historics are starting to hit the UK

    Hi Chaps, I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new guitars in the UK and it appears they have started to hit our shores now. I'm keen to get my hands on one to compare with my two 2014 historics. The pricing is a little disappointing (high) compared with the European prices which...