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  1. Bugman58

    NGD 2014 R8 and some cool old amps.

    Nice,,, Make some serious noise with that stack
  2. Bugman58

    1959 Reissue Sunburst

    That’s a luxury choice you need to make, Not sure what kind of boat you can get for 7k but for most players 7k is out of reach.
  3. Bugman58

    NGD , R8 Murphy Lab ultra light aging

    Yah the one I sent you was from the dealer,
  4. Bugman58

    NGD: R9 Murphy Lab Light Aged

    Seems these colors are so close to tell,
  5. Bugman58

    NGD: R9 Murphy Lab Light Aged

    Nice,, is it Bourbon Burst? Looks similar to the R8 I just posted . I agree aging is ok,
  6. Bugman58

    NGD: Photos of Bugman's Murphy Lab R8

    Thanks Mike, R8 Bourbon burst Murphy ultra light aging, 9lbs I love the top it has some waves in it, not sure what you call it, I’m sure this has been discussed a ton but the checking/ aging on the top does not look authentic to me, seems more like check lines just left to right, on the back and...
  7. Bugman58

    NGD , R8 Murphy Lab ultra light aging

    Thanks Mike,, Live is short we need to cherish it and enjoy it.
  8. Bugman58

    NGD , R8 Murphy Lab ultra light aging

    I don’t know how to post pics here anymore, How do I post?
  9. Bugman58

    NGD , R8 Murphy Lab ultra light aging

    What’s Up, I’ve been not active on here for a long time, I’ve been lurking 👀 here and there over the years. I came around in 2006 and started a journey of buying and selling and chasing the perfect Flame Top which I found out does not exist, Atleast for me any way. It was unhealthy for me and my...
  10. Bugman58

    New Gibson Les Paul Standard Iced tea reviews (50s neck)

    Solid body on new standard, different pickups, 50s neck, no coil splitter ,
  11. Bugman58

    59 reissue vs. standard 60’s

    Wildwood guitars has a special run of standards with nicer tops and different colors I 5hink, there a very reputable dealer, 200 more at 2,700, I kinda agree with what Big Al said, I think you will be happy with the standard and if you splurge 6k on a 59 you will always wonder about the std , If...
  12. Bugman58

    Fargen Mini Plex MKlll what speakers for 2x12 cab

    i have a MKlll head coming. i have a avatar 2x12 cab. was wondering the best speakers to use. years ago i had a MKll and matching 2x12 cab loaded with a greenback and a vintage 30. was thinking of using two greenbacks this time. im far from a speaker expert, any thoughts or suggestions?
  13. Bugman58

    Throbak SLE 101Pick ups

    are the original Throbaks with the NOS wire impossible to come by these days, Have not seen them anywhere for sale. They where all the rage around 2009ish
  14. Bugman58

    NGD: Direct from Gibson’s Website

    i just got one that is 8.6 i was surprised most I've seen are over 9 to 10lbs
  15. Bugman58

    NGD. 58 Reissue Plain Top 08

    NGD. 58 Reissue Plain Top 08, Pics added Have not had a les paul in a few years and wanted a good player that would fit my budget. This is a 2008 R8 thats great in every way except I'm not crazy about heritage cherry, But my goal was to get a great player in good shape and i did that. so i may...
  16. Bugman58

    Im Back!!! Big Brown Truck Comes Tomorrow!!!

    Hey Guy"s the Bugman is back in town. I never left really i lurked around once in a while to keep up with the latest in Historics. I had to sell my gear a few years ago and things where tight. I really got caught up in the gas of buying and selling and always wanting the next best thing. I...