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  1. Gold Tone

    Trio of evil sisters...

    Historic 1963 Custom Historic Jimmy Page EDS 1275 (#205/250) Historic 1964 SG
  2. Gold Tone

    Current Les Paul Gang Shot

    The Historic LP Collection as of today: 2003 Brazilian R4 2006 ‘54 Custom 2018 ‘56 Goldtop 2012 ‘57 Custom 2018 ‘58 Standard 1999 ‘59 Standard 2015 ‘59 True Historic Standard Even with this bunch of great axes, not yet have I quenched my thirst. Gibson is building the best guitars today than...
  3. Gold Tone

    NGD 2015 Lemon Drop TH '59

    Feels great, sounds great, :) happy...
  4. Gold Tone

    Rainy Monday Morning Porn...Blackface Bomb!

    49 Year Old Tone Machine Think sunny thoughts :jim
  5. Gold Tone

    Sunday Porn...little Black Face Canon!

    Christmas gift to myself two years ago The '66 and '67 BF amps are my favourite of the BF combos because of the meatier speakers. Have a nice day y'all :jim
  6. Gold Tone

    The ones that you will take to the grave?

    Which are your "take to the grave" guitars? Gibsons... These will need to be pried from my cold, dead hands. Post yours!
  7. Gold Tone

    Gibson Acoustic Endpins 1940's - 1960's...transition to screw in?

    Does anyone have information on the timeline/history of Gibson acoustic guitar end pins / strap buttons? when did they move from the pin inserted through a hole to the pins being attached by a screw? Did all models change at the same time? Thanks!!
  8. Gold Tone

    No more ebony board L5's

    Well, here's the 1st 2013 L5 Wes I've seen...looks like rosewood replaces ebony now.
  9. Gold Tone

    Too many pedals on my pedal board?

    I'm going though a lot of batteries and can't figure out why...:spabout
  10. Gold Tone

    Historic Control Cavity "redo's" - '57 Black Beauty, Firebird V, Historic SG

    Historic Control Cavity "redo's" - '57 Black Beauty, Firebird V, Historic SG Most of the Gibson Historic models are wired absolutely differently from the vintage guitars they are based on. Here are some of the Gibson Historics I've yanked the guts from and put back together much closer to...
  11. Gold Tone

    Resistor value help please

    Could somneone tell me the value of the resistor outlined in this picture of a 1972 Superlead. Thanks!!!!
  12. Gold Tone

    Gratuitous Guitar Porn

    Put up your group pics... .
  13. Gold Tone

    Just because...

    ...it's raining out...some sunshine:
  14. Gold Tone

    Someone pooped Gibsons on the rug!!

    You know, you come home from a hard day's work and all you ask is that the kids clean up after themsleves...sheesh!!!
  15. Gold Tone

    Firebird Custom Colors...

  16. Gold Tone

    New CTS Pots Stew Mac

  17. Gold Tone

    2012 Historic R9, any news?

    Has Gibson announced yet plans for next years' R9 or are they same changes as were made in 2009 to now?
  18. Gold Tone

    True Point to Point Member Amp Picture Thread

    Thought it might be cool to start a thread showing amps made with true point to point wiring. It's interesting to see the differences and similarities in wiring styles, not too mention admire the hands on manual labour that went into building things in those days long gone. Post your amp's guts...
  19. Gold Tone

    Finished...Tweed Bassman Build!

    After many months (many, many months) of searching for as many NOS parts as possible, finding the absolute BEST repro part if NOS was impossible to find, and many hours of work...my '58/'59 Tweed Bassman is finally done!! Cabinet is extremely accurate repro by Gregg Hopkins, MM iron, vintage...
  20. Gold Tone

    BF Showman..weak / low volume

    Can anyone offer any ideas of where I should start...my '66 BF Showman sounds too quiet...not enough volume even when crancked. It's loud yes, but my '66 Bassman is louder and my '76 VR is louder also...all at the same settings. The Showman was recently serviced (some new filter caps and 3...