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  1. Deputy Dog

    2004 Gibson Johnny A Custom Shop Signature

    2004 Gibson Johnny A Custom Shop Signature in excellent +++ condition. No filters or trick lighting in the pix and any imperfections you see are light reflections or lint from using my Johnny A signature guitar cloth. The guitar has a chunkier neck but not a baseball bat and weighs in at 7lbs...
  2. Gibson Johnny A

    Gibson Johnny A

  3. 210ABB94-1A5D-4F57-9928-D401D46A7466.jpg


  4. 1831182B-5A64-47FD-B8D0-2C0A09182914.jpg


  5. 355B33E0-400A-46B2-B1A6-0CAC049D7B7F.jpg


  6. 311CFC0D-F71D-487D-9054-A157709F98E2.jpg


  7. C45B6B83-A73A-4C6C-84B4-F0CCE9854796.jpg


  8. Deputy Dog

    2017 Gibson Les Paul R9 Made to Measure Apricot Burst Monster Top

    2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue/R9 VOS Made to Measure in Apricot Burst. Amazing 3-D maple top and very interesting back. I posted pictures from various angels to show how incredibly deep the movement of the top is. Also...I did not use any filters, special flash or color saturation...this is...
  9. 2017 Gibson R9 Apricot Burst

    2017 Gibson R9 Apricot Burst

  10. Apricot Top 5.jpg

    Apricot Top 5.jpg

  11. Apricot Full.jpg

    Apricot Full.jpg

  12. Apricot Top 1.jpg

    Apricot Top 1.jpg

  13. Apricot Top 2.jpg

    Apricot Top 2.jpg

  14. Apricot knobs 2.jpg

    Apricot knobs 2.jpg

  15. Apricot Top 3.jpg

    Apricot Top 3.jpg

  16. Apricot Top 4.jpg

    Apricot Top 4.jpg

  17. Apricot knobs.jpg

    Apricot knobs.jpg

  18. Apricot Pickups.jpg

    Apricot Pickups.jpg

  19. Apricot Toggle.jpg

    Apricot Toggle.jpg

  20. Apricot Back 3.jpg

    Apricot Back 3.jpg