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  1. Deputy Dog

    2004 Gibson Johnny A Custom Shop Signature

    2004 Gibson Johnny A Custom Shop Signature in excellent +++ condition. No filters or trick lighting in the pix and any imperfections you see are light reflections or lint from using my Johnny A signature guitar cloth. The guitar has a chunkier neck but not a baseball bat and weighs in at 7lbs...
  2. Deputy Dog

    2017 Gibson Les Paul R9 Made to Measure Apricot Burst Monster Top

    2017 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue/R9 VOS Made to Measure in Apricot Burst. Amazing 3-D maple top and very interesting back. I posted pictures from various angels to show how incredibly deep the movement of the top is. Also...I did not use any filters, special flash or color saturation...this is...
  3. Deputy Dog

    1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Blacktop

    I just got this back from my luthier who did a fantastic job of tuning up and photo documenting the guitar. From the photos you can see the serial number, lack of neck tenon in the pickup cavity and the pots which all come back to 1974. This was originally a Goldtop that was refinished into a...
  4. Deputy Dog

    1974 Les Paul Deluxe....Black?

    So this just dropped into my lap Saturday and I took it straight to the guitar tech for a go thru. I’m having him take gut shots so what I have for information is minimal. I did have the tech weight it to confirm my suspicion....9lbs 4oz. No headstock break. It has double ring klusons, and...
  5. Deputy Dog

    Early 70's Goldtop Deluxe

    Recently acquired this and thought I'd throw it out there since it has recently been refretted by Mark Kane, cleaned up and back to being playable. Nothing original except the body and the 2 control cavity plates on the back. I have the original knobs and TOM/bridge. Nice chunky neck, weighs...
  6. Deputy Dog

    1972 Hiwatt

    I've been looking for an early 70's Hiwatt 1/2 stack but this came along and I couldn't pass it up. Thought I'd share some pix of my 1972 Hiwatt SA212...enjoy! Gotta say, it's a great new flavor I've added to the buffet!
  7. Deputy Dog

    Help Identify Year of ES-335

    I've been offered this guitar but after looking at the pix for about the tenth time (there are a bunch) I just spotted something odd. I'm far from being an expert on Gibson ES models so I thought I'd throw this out to the experts here. I am being told that this is a 1968 Gibson ES-335 and...
  8. Deputy Dog

    Ever seen one this clean???

    Here's a 35 year old (1972) sixth edition/54 reissue for your visual pleasure. Talk about a no issues ,truely near mint guitar!
  9. Deputy Dog

    Early 70's LP reissues (pix)

    Just thought I'd show off my 3 reissues for no good reason other than..................to show off. :biggrin: The first is my player. A 1973 LP Custom LE '54 which has been refretted and naturally relic'd from 34 years of playing. The second is another 1973 LP Custom LE '54 without the...
  10. Deputy Dog

    Need Help Finding a 68/69 Les Paul

    I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on a new guitar. I've been looking for a 69 Goldtop in VG condition (maybe a 68 if the price is right also might consider a Custom). I've searched here, eBay and gBase but its slim pickin's. Anyone got a "line" on one and could point me in the right...
  11. Deputy Dog

    The Emperor of Mars has SPOKEN!!!!

    Anyone had any contact with "the emporer of mars" on eBay? I just had the strangest conversation with him via "ask seller question". I inquired about a guitar he recently bought on eBay to see if he was going to resell it as I was interested in buying. Heres the series of emails me "Hello...
  12. Deputy Dog

    Can You Believe The Final Price

    I've been watching this auction out of pure curiosity. I just check "My eBay" and when I saw the selling price I thought....why??? Sam Ash didn't even have the decency to put the silverburst on the side/back/neck...
  13. Deputy Dog

    Weird Pots...Newbie Help!

    I just purchase a 1972 Les Paul LE '54 (reissue) and opened the control cavity. My 2 volume pots have a code of 1376648 which I believe would read as being made in 1966. Correct? The 2 tone pots are not like anything I've seen. The have a hard white powdery coating (best way to describe) on...
  14. Deputy Dog

    70's LP Cases....Where?

    Anyone know of a delaer who sells cases? I'm looking for an early 70's case with the purple interior for my '72 Les Paul. All the stuff on eBay seems to be in rough shape. Thanks in advance.
  15. Deputy Dog

    Odd R6

    I was at my local shop and the owner said he had something for me to look at. Pulled out a really nice goldtop R6 that was made in 2001. He told me that it was a special run that was aged (parts only) and I noticed that it had grover tuners instead of the Kluson type. Had a neck like a...
  16. Deputy Dog

    What is this?

    I'm trying to figure out if this is legit or not. The seller advertises the guitar as a "standard" but the back of the headstock says "deluxe". The truss cover says "standard" and it has full size humbuckers. In a private email the seller stated that in 1976 you could order a Deluxe with full...
  17. Deputy Dog

    Early 70's Custom Prices

    Whats going on with the pricing on early 1970's Black Beauty Customs? Looking in my 2006 Vintage Guitar Price Guide (yes I realize its a "guide"), it stated the average price of a 71-73 BB is about $2300 in excellent shape. Seems like everything I look at on eBay and Gbase is almost double...
  18. Deputy Dog

    Brazilian Goldtop R7

    Hello, First time poster hear so sorry if this question has been asked so often you're sick of hearing it. I don't own a Les Paul (and wasn't looking to) but happened to be out a couple of weeks ago killing time at my local guitar store. I tried out an R7 Goldtop and fell in love with the...