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    Dark sounding CS-336 help!

    I love this guitar however, it is suprisingly dark. Darker than my Les Paul Standard! The pickups were replaced w/ Burstbucker 2 and 3's (Alnico V ) and better caps were installed. Thinking about trying a brighter string lke GHS Boomers (now use D'Adarrio) I raised the pickup polepieces which...
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    Good caps in CS-336???? HELP

    I would like to hear from anyone who knows from experience the type and value of caps that are stock in the CS-336. Also any pickup recommendations for this guitar? The 57 Classics don't sound "open" enough to me or do you think I cap retrofit would help with that alone? Thanks!
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    Best pickups for the CS-336???

    Ok esteemed forumites lets get to voting and splaining!!! Thanks.
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    CS-336 users pleaseeeeeeeeee

    I am interested is knowing if you can get a good clean sound outof this guitar. Any other details on tone, and playability will be appreciated!
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    LP string recommendations?

    My LP sounds brighter than most LP's I have heard. Which brand(s) would you recommended to darkern it up? I am using Earnie Ball Slinkys now. Thanks!
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    Marshall 18 watt power tubes???

    Which would be the best all round power tubes (and preamp) to put a 18 watt clone?
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    Need Celestion Vintage 8 help!!!

    Anybody know a dealer that carries this one? I'm coming up short. Thanks.
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    Help me make my Les Paul better!!!

    I just bought a Les Paul made by a luither in my state. I love it and it is very well made. I am looking for locking tuners. It have the Kluson style and size ones. Which would you recommend? Also it have cheap p-90's in it. Which P90's would you recommend for the it? I have hear a lot of good...
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    P-90 HB recommendations please!!

    I am looking for a humbucker size P-90 to put in the neck position of my Les Paul Standard. I already put a Lindy Fralin 9k in the bridge. Which one to you think would compliment it the best. I play mainly classic rock, British Invasion. Thanks for any assistance in advance.
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    Tone Pros problem, help!!!

    I have thriugh the process of readjusting the lock screws (allen nuts) stripped them. Any suggestions on how I might fix this. The bridge is currently in a locked heigth I like but I am concerned as to when I will need to remove the bridge. I will appreciate all help.
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    Problem w/Nashville bridge screws, help!

    After some time of playing my Les Paul Standard, the saddle screws become loose and cause a rattling sound. I try to tighten them but it often effects the intonation I have set. Any one else have this problem and what can I do?? I will appreciate knowledgable responses. Thanks!
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    Got a "Gibsun"!!!

    On the logo of my new new Les Paul Standard the "o" in Gibson is not closed and looks like a "u." Anyone else seen this? I love the guitar and it's a keeper!
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    Neck Pitch on current Standards???

    Anyone know the current production pitch on the Les Paul Standards? I know the best pitch according to Dan Erlewine is 4 degrees. I will appreciate your replies.