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  1. FloridaMan

    New Guitar Day!

    Congrats on a beautiful R9! You found the right one. PS, Gridlock this is Justin that you met in Tampa. The guy plagiarizing SRV poorly through your amazing mint '64 Deluxe Reverb. Good to see you around these parts too!
  2. FloridaMan

    Historic Les Paul tailpiece changes? Please Help!

    I've been trying to nail down why my 2018 R9 rings so much better than my 2008 R8, given that they are both custom shop Les Pauls with only 10 years separating them. Aside from the hide glue and truss rod condom (which I feel does make a difference), I noticed a big difference between the two...
  3. FloridaMan

    Traded my 2012 R9 VOS for a "new" 2018 R9 VOS.

    You'll get no argument out of me, my #1 is a 2018 R9. Beautiful guitar, congrats!
  4. FloridaMan

    NGD.....59 True Historic

    Oh my! Perfect vintage style top on that one. You got a real gem there!
  5. FloridaMan

    Does this look like a real R9?

    Yikes! That logo looks wayyyyy off, the whole guitar just screams fake to me.
  6. FloridaMan

    First time poster, my dream R9!

    I think that's a huge part of it too! I live 20 minutes from Kim LaFleur and the boys at Historic Makovers, I might give him a call and see if he can get the most out of that guitar.
  7. FloridaMan

    Current VOS treatment?

    Interesting...on my '08 R8 VOS, the finish has gotten progressively more glossy over the years simply by cleaning the guitar with a dry cloth. My '18 R9 VOS is already very glossy, so much so that I was surprised that it was a VOS. No finish scratches, swirls, or gunky finish on mine.
  8. FloridaMan

    First time poster, my dream R9!

    Hi fellow LPF members, new to these parts...after owning a great plaintop R8 for 13 years I broke down and bought something flamey. Ideally, I'd prefer a lemonburst but this guitar was local, I could try it out first, and its incredible. Haven't got a weight on it, but its significantly...