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    Duane Allman - Derek & The Dominos

    I recently bought a CD of Layla and Assorted Love Songs. It seems that Duanes guitar volume is generally too low throughout the recording. Did I get a bad remaster or is that how the original recording was mixed? I dont remember it being like that on the old LP version, but I dont remember a lot...
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    WTB Humbucker Covers

    Need chrome neck and bridge for my Les Paul. Thanks.
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    2013 Les Paul Signature T? Really?

    This morning, I purchased this guitar on Reverb. https://reverb.com/item/40104022-gibson-les-paul-signature-t-with-manual-tuners-2013-wine-red?show_sold=true My first question is shouldn't the first 2 numbers of the serial number be "13" if it's a 2013 model? I'm not an expert on Les Paul's, but...
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    Replacement Pickups Fpr 2003 Les Paul Classic

    Replacement Pickups For 2003 Les Paul Classic I've found a good price on a 490R neck and 498T bridge used (from a Les Paul Studio I think). My Classic sports a 496R and a 500T. Now, two questions from a Les Paul novice: Will they provide a more classic mellower tone than my stock pickups? Will...