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    (UK) Gen I Protector

    Bought this a while back, figured I'd use it eventually but alas it has sat empty since, thought I'd offer it to the LP enthusiasts here before I advertise it elsewhere. Red lining, 3 plastic latch, ribbon in place, all round great condition for something nearly as old as I am! Been a while...
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    LPF inspired singlecut by Heatley

    Built by Scott Heatley on Vancouver Island. His LP-inspired 'Tradition' model - mahogany, mahogany, maple and braz. Some lovely P90s to finish the recipe. When pondering the finish for it I knew I wanted it to look 'old', like a guitar which had already faded. Scoured the internet for the...
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    1954 LP Goldtop

    Hi For sale, my '54 Goldtop. Appraised by Gruhn (via email and photos), I suspected a re-fret though they say they "see no evidence of this" (appraisal docs included in sale), and valued guitar around $23k (will post exact figure when I get home and dig docs out)......but, did point out one of...
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    '54 GT advice please

    Hi all Giving serious consideration to this 1954 Goldtop - a long time dream guitar of mine. Would very much appreciate your advice on the good/bad/ugly. I've been awaiting the right 53/54 GT for a while....if this one's everything I hope it is then I might make a move on it. Price seems...
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    Urgent help required IDing this (59?) 335

    Hi All In the most unexpected place today I noticed a tobacco burst 335 looking thing hanging on the wall behind a load of other non-musical stuff. I got the guy to pull it out so I could have a look, seems like potentially a '59 335, or bits of one anyway! I'd really appreciate your opinion...
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    Help req'd regarding this 'original' P90

    Hi Guys Got a pair of 50s P90s recently, both were received damaged. That's a separate story altogether. However, I've been looking at the pics again, totally focusing on the damage.... and a friend has just pointed out that some of the screws don't seem original. What do you think? Some...
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    Current prices on 50s Juniors?

    Hi guys Er, okay....how's this.... I'm curious as to the current approximate market values of late 50s DC Juniors, specifically cherry ones. I keep an eye on Ebay to see what's what, and also track the usual dealers (well the advertised prices on their sites at least). I'm told they're going...
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    This 58 Jr all it should be?

    Hi all. Jr on Ebay. Been looking at this '58.... seems clean, really clean - little no fade and looks as good as a new 'un.... Anyone know the Ebayer or the guitar? Everything looks as it should be to me, but don't recall seeing a 6-digit serial on a 58 personally, but far from an expert...
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    Pulled my 58 Jr P90 apart

    Hi guys Poking around this 58 I've been advertising (though pulled the Ebay auction for the time being) to make sure it's 100% (aside from the issues I'm aware of and was informed of before buying). I must admit, received it from such a trusted source that I didn't pull it to bits when I got...
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    Shrinkage/deterioration on Jr 'guard?

    Hi all Have been thinking of selling my 58 Jr recently, put it up on Ebay a few days ago. A guy came and took a look this evening, really nice fella who obviously knows a lot of good stuff. He really liked the 58 but the thing which made him cautious was the pickguard. It's an early '58...
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    Another Jr (59) in the house! :)

    Hi All A few weeks back I had the pleasure of writing THIS thread, a 58 Jr arriving with me. I had to giggle at Wonkka's comment of 'probably won't be your last' as I had already been looking at a sweet 59 when I bought the 58. So, my great pleasure once again, a 59 LP Jr in my lap, all...
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    My first old one - 58 LP Jr

    Hi All Took delivery recently of my first old Gibson, a 58 LP Junior. What a treat this guitar is! Way more versatility than I expected, lots of varied tone to be had from the volume and tone pots. Overall just a special guitar which I've quickly fallen in love with. Sweet! :jim Q.