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    Anybody else miss the "Setups of the Stars" column in GP?

    I realize I'm a big geek and everything, but I got a big kick out of learning how famous guitar players preferred their axes set up. After three issues without, it looks like GP has discontinued it. =( Any thoughts? Perhaps the majority of readers don't really give a hoot, but I think it's...
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    Playing Poll: Do You Bend "Under", or... ?

    A lot of you folks prefer a very low action with almost no relief. When I set up my guitar this way, I found that it was pretty much impossible to push bends under the adjacent strings below the 7th position or so. How do you folks manage this? Do you change your approach halfway up the neck...
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    What does the "Duane" look like on the back?

    I know Duane's original (after he'd passed on, of course) had 'DA' spelled out in old frets on the back, but surely they aren't doing that with the new ones! (Are they?) - Scott
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    Wide frets

    Dan, I just thought of something: when *were* wider frets first manufactured? As far as I know, they were first used on Les Pauls in the late 50s, but what prompted their manufacture? Players? Repairmen? It seems as though skinny frets were used on everything before then, and that it...
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    How much removed during fret leveling?

    Another fretwork question for Dan (and all others who do refrets): how much of the fret wire do you generally need to remove when you have a neck jig and other tools at your disposal? For example, I just refretted my sister's $58 acoustic, and while it plays extremely well now (the action is...
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    Refretting with neck jig

    I've got a question on the steps: After you've pulled the old frets, and are about to level the fretboard, do you tension the neck again (without frets)? Or do you take the guitar off the jig, straighten the neck, and level it without tension? Thanks!
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    First sighting of over-the-TP wrap?

    Hey everybody who gets Guitar Player! Take a look at p.65 of the "The Les Paul Turns 50" issue (July 2002): The Les Paul Custom in the 1950's ad has the strings wrapped over the tailpiece. Discuss. :)
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    Will too much neck relief warp a one-piece neck?

    I can easily see how string tension could cause a fretboard to shift over the neck wood, but what about one-piece necks? Will they still warp if there's a bunch of relief in the neck? Reason I ask is, I have one of "those" guitars, and it seems that the only way to really clean up the rattle...
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    Dan? Fret Burnishing Tool

    How are those videos coming, by the way? I was looking at the job you did on deweyG's R9 before PhotoPoint went kaputt, and I was intrigued by the fret burnishing tool. Was that nifty thing all you used to shape the fret crowns? Is there any danger in pressing the fret down in its slot using...
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    Best way to get my hands on some Dunlop Fretwire?

    Hey all. I've been using Stew-Mac wire (with great results), and would like to stock up on some Dunlop sizes for when I start actually doing work for *other* people. The Stew-Mac .024" tang width just isn't the best if your customer's fret slots are .020"... plus, I'd like to have the 6000...
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    Dead Spots

    I've got dead spots on both my guitars, and I don't know what to do about them. One has it on the B string, 12th fret; the other has it on the B string, 10th fret. Both are really annoying... I've tried running CA glue under the frets, but that hasn't helped. Do I need really thin glue? Or...
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    "The Paul"/"The Paul II" questions

    I'm borrowing a cherry-finish The Paul II from a friend, and having some fun with it. What years were these made? The serial number is #92186395. Also, what kinds of pickups would be stock in one of these? The belly cut is kind of interesting... were these like a budget line? This guitar is...
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    Thanks Dan

    Thanks for the info on the new Neck Jig/Fretting videos. You really are the man! P.S. When I did my Strat (without the Jig, of course), I realized first-hand how differently the neck behaves with strings and without strings. I had to fiddle with it, and re-level it a couple times before I...