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  1. axehandler

    $704k for Brian Jones's '68 Gold Top

    My 68 has a crown inlay & its 505xxx.
  2. axehandler

    Burst of the Month: 1960 Burst 0-0101

    So the Gibson repair stamp is a re-stamp of the original serial number? I have a 53 LP that was sent to Gibson for a new neck and refinish in 1961. It is stamped the same way, but don't know if it is the original number.
  3. axehandler

    Show us your conversions (2015 super thread)

    Here is a my conversion candidate. A 1953 LP that received a new neck and finish by Gibson in 1962. It sounds great and is super light weight. Even with the new glaser the action is a little too low and the strings cut out when bending. I want to keep the finish, but would like a wrap around or...
  4. axehandler

    My 1960 & 1968 Survived

    All my guitars survived but took a lot of heat & smoke. The 1960 & 1968 were in their cases inside a gun safe. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] This one was hanging on the wall (2000 Gary Moore Signature)[/URL][/IMG]
  5. axehandler

    Realistic price for a LP Custom?

    Hi all, Just wanted some input for some pricing guidelines. I have a 1960 Les Paul Custom. It has an original factory cherry finish. Unfortunately, it suffered a neck break & has a scarf joint repair. So a portion of the wood was replaced behind the headstock running into the neck. Holly &...