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    50's Inlays

    I thought I'd be clever and try to sneak this one in the vintage Les Paul forum but you guys would know right away. No fooling this group. The guitar is early 50's - do the inlays and board look correct to you? The wood is kind of light and I don't know what to look for in inlays. They all look...
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    Buying a used R9 in the UK?

    Looking for any tips on the state of the market in the UK at the moment for an Historic R9 guitar. Obviously the top and year will affect the price, but any guidelines as to what can one expect to pay? Good places to shop? eBay uk? Thanks for any help.
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    The "definitive" burst case?

    Which case would you say is the most desirable case for a burst, in terms of aesthetics (disregarding protection of course)? When you lust after your dream guitar, it is housed in a... figure 8 Cali Girl? The less shapely Lifton? Something else? If you had your choice, which would you pick? I'm...