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    Original wiring questions for 1959 Les Paul Custom

    Thanks very much, that's really helpful!
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    Original wiring questions for 1959 Les Paul Custom

    Hi all, sorry if they has been covered to death, but I can't find much using the search function, so....... I'm re-wiring a 1959 LP Custom 3 pickups black beauty. It is all original, including the funky 3 way switch. When I got it, it had been modified to use the pickups very differently. I'd...
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    Hi all, I`ve been a lurker for a while, so thought I`d say Hi. I recently picked up my second Les Paul, A Custom Shop `68 RI Custom in triburst. Did I say I have a thing for Customs? Well, I do. I play Historics, Goldtops and always go back to Customs. It must be a large character defect...