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    Neck shape...

    Is the neck shape consistent for the various Les Paul models built in a given year? For example, would a 1959 Custom have a similar neck profile to a 1959 Standard or for that matter, a 1959 Junior? I understand that the neck shape can vary between two guitars from the same period but allowing...
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    Diuble cut Junior balance on strap

    I have owned a 1960 Junior for many years. It has a great neck shape and sounds very good indeed but I find that it's head-heavy on the strap. It has Schaller tuners that were fitted before I acquired it. Could this be the cause of the problem or are Juniors noted for poor balance on the strap...
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    Dave Edmunds' ES-335

    Anyone know where Dave Edmunds' Blonde ES-335 is these days? Does he still own it?
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    Metal Truss Rod Covers

    Does anyone know where the metal truss rod covers that occasionally appear on vintage Gibsons originate? They appear to be after market and were often engraved and personalised. I have seen them on Gibsons from the 30s through the 50s - though they could have been fitted several years - or even...
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    Plastic rot

    To what extent are vintage Les Pauls afflicted by the dreaded nitro rot? Binding, plastic parts?
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    Lennon's Junior

    Can anyone tell me about the Junior that John Lennon played in 1972 at Madison Square Garden? It appears to have had a Charlie Christian pickup installed in the neck position. Since this was the early 70s, I'm assuming that this was a genuine Christian pickup. So would the body have had to be...
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    Rela or fake?

    1960 Explorer at https://www.gbase.com/stores/guitars-west
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    Guidance on buying a Historic...

    A friend wants to buy a 59 style Historic. Are some years better than others? Anything to avoid? Thanks!
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    Ian Bairnson's 59 Burst

    Don't recall seeing this guitar mentioned - though it may have been in the past. Ian played with The Alan Parsons Project and performed the solo at the end of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights - I believe on an early 70s Custom. Anyone got pictures?
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    Dave Davies' Flying V

    Anyone know what happened to Dave Davies' Flying V?
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    Rogue's Gallery

    This may have been suggested before (or perhaps even done) but what about a Rogue's Gallery of vintage Les Pauls that have been confirmed as fakes? Pictures and other details might prevent future purchasers from parting with $ for fake examples.
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    1959 neck profile

    The neck shape of the 59 Burst is regarded by many as being close to perfect. So to what extent did Gibson use this neck profile across its range of electric guitars? Does a 59 ES-335 have a similar same neck shape (allowing for the fact that the neck to body junction is at a different fret)...
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    Neck angle of early Les Paul model...

    I interviewed Les several years ago and he stated that the first Les Paul guitar that Gibson sent him had a flat top. Is it possible that Gibson arrived at a relatively shallow neck angle with a flat topped solid in mind (like a Special) and that they neglected to correct this when they built...
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    Six string Longhorn Bass: