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    Jimmy McCulloch—the sad ending of his guitar playing tenure

    I liked EVERYTHING he did. Especially with Wings. He made slide guitar look easy. His leads were fantastic. Medicine Jar is one of my favorite songs. It is truly sad that he kept on sticking his hand in it. The Wings over America Concert footage was long overdue and freaking awesome. I had that...
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    P-Rail Jimmy Page wiring combination

    Hi. I have a set of P-Rails, and a set of Pearly Gates. I like the 4-mode P-Rail wiring from SD using 2 pullpots. I want to use 2 more pullpots to do the Out Of Phase and the Parallel/Series like the Jimmy Page wiring I have in my other Gibsons. I have a 1999 and a 2001 Usung Epiphones that...
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    P-Rail Jimmy Page wiring combination

    Hi. I need some wiring help