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    Wildwood Spec Custombucker Specs? Looking for clarity and chime

    Hi y’all! I’ve found conflicting info on this. Can anyone tell me what the specs on the WW custombuckers are? Wind pattern: mismatched coils? DC Resistance: I’ve seen people cite anything from 7.13 to 8.0k, can they vary that much? Potting: I think these are potted, yes? I’d likely go light...
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    My Historic knobs are falling apart

    So the knobs on my 2014 Historic R7 LP are falling apart from spontaneous cracking. I understand that this is pretty common. Can one contact the CS to get replacements under some kind of warranty...probably not, but just wondering. Where can I buy CS Historic replacement knobs?
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    Any Jazzmaster fans?

    Any Jazzmaster fans? I’d love to see yours. Especially any thinline JM’s as that will likely be my next project. I’m collecting color/pickguard ideas for future use. It will be a thinline partscaster if I could find a good thinline body. I have two CS Jazzmasters that I adore, tone...
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    What is the proper wiring schem. for [Lollar] Firebird pickups 2 volumes, 1 tone?

    What pot and cap values would you use for Lollar Firebird pickups wired with two volumes (bridge and neck) and one master tone? The emphasis would be on clarity and chime. Does anyone make a wiring harness for Firebird pickups? I checked with Lollar already and they don't.
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    Firebird pickup wiring for a Strat questions

    OK, please forgive me asking a question related to Strats, but I want to convert one of my Strats to a two Lollar Firebird pickup configuration. As such I'm wondering about what kind of wiring harness schematic I need to use. I essentially want: A Bridge Volume A Neck Volume One Master tone...
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    Freeway 6 way switch?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Freeway 6 way switch, sold by stew Mac? I think you need 4 conductor hook up wire for the pickups in order to use this. Sometimes I want to go into "versatile" land, which I usually don't want to visit, as I like different guitars for different...
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    Sedona AZ, any good luthiers/techs in the area? Also worried about the low humidity

    Will be moving there soon. I’m assuming I’ll have to travel to Flagstaff for luthier/tech services? Also, I’m concerned about the low humidity. I will humidify the guitar room of course, shooting for around 40%. But, does anyone have any experience with whole home HVAC humidifier systems ...
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    put a Gotoh modern tele bridge on my Wildwood thin skin 64 reissue tele

    I put on the brass plate, brass saddle version. So far I dig it. The tone has changed. The guitar had a brighter, "clang-ier", maybe janglier, less defined tone with the vintage bridge. It sounded great, and I know that lots of people prefer this type of tele tone, so if you don't want to...
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    shielding a Les Paul

    Ok Les Paul fans, I've got an issue. My house produces the type of hum that is solved by a properly shielded guitar. I know this because in the process of figuring out how to kill this really annoying buzz that occurs when I play at night in a house with a metric shit load of dimmer switches...
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    Gretsch Appreciation Thread

    Sorry fellas if this has been done before, but let's see some Gretsch guitars please. Here's mine, a 2015 Black Falcon Player's Edition:
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    The Featherweights, R4 and ebony R7

    These are my current Les Pauls. Both Wildwood featherweights. I'm not really into bursts, although just for the sake of completing the trio I may go for a lightly flamed more authentic looking R8 or R9, at some point, if I can actually find one with all the alleged custom shop drama going on. I...
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    Custom Shop NR Firebird question

    Hello Gents, I am looking at getting a 2008 Custom Shop NR Firebird with Firebird pickups. I believe that they are stock. Would these pickups be the modern Gibson ceramic firebird pickups with like 14k resistance that no one seems to like? Or was there a custom shop version of these? Also do...
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    Q's re: gibson USA 2011 gibson deluxe gold top

    I found a used one online for $1650 that seems to be in great shape. Stock mini humbuckers. Apparently it has the traditional weight relief. It looks like it has the nashville bridge. Do they have a heavy tail piece? It's listed as being 7.6 lbs but I still would prob want to change to an...
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    should I refinish my CS 336

    I like this guitar sound wise. It sounds very nice with the stock Classic 57's. It has a nice weight, at 7.0 lbs, and my only criticism is that the neck is just a touch too thin for my taste. The thing that bugs me about it most however is a superficial concern. I don't like the barbeque top...
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    Long time Lurker, finally took a pic of my GO with my phone camera

    Long time Lurker, updated G0 pictures Hey guys, absolutely fantastic forum. Here are some better quality photos. It is a 2006 GO. It weighs between 8.6 and 8.8lbs on my bathroom scale (yes as you can see I am a master of technology), and it is totally stock, and it sounds fantastic. It...