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    Volume pot for '71 LP Deluxe

    Years ago I had it rewired for a single master volume (abandoned the other pot) now I can't seem to get a comfortable taper. It used to drop off too quickly around 8 so i had a 680 pf cap & 150k resistor put on it - now it doesn't do much until around 3 then it quickly drops off. Same...
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    different scale length

    Just curious........ Is there any reason (aside from Tradition) a Les Paul couldn't be made with a 25 1/2" scale length. Would it make much of a difference in the sound?
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    scratches on my DC

    My '07 LPDC Pro has light scratches where the pick hits the finish (no pickguard). I have to look close to see them so they don't distract from the appearance. Is there anything I could / should do to protect the finish; will it worsen over time? I notice many LP's without a...
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    P-90's in '71 LPDeluxe

    My 1971 LP Deluxe has Embossed Mini-Humbuckers and I'm thinking of doing the following mods (actually having someone do them, me & solder don't get along): 1. Install P-90 Soapbars-the Minis look to be the same size as soapbars so I don't think any body routing is required. (I've heard some...
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    Putting P-90's in '71 LPDeluxe ?

    My '71 Deluxe has Minis with the embossed Gibson covers. Sounds pretty good in the studio but seems to lack balls playing live. Any suggestions or experience with installing P-90's ? I have a PRS with P-90's and love the sound. This Deluxe does not have the goof-hider pickup rings. Opinion...
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    Eliot Lewis tone ?

    Hope this is the right forum for this question - I just started listening to Eliot Lewis 6 on 1 CD and the tone just blows me away - this is the classic Les Paul tone I always hear in my head, thick sweet and dripping with honey. On his website he's pictured with a LesPaul style axe whose name...
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    Screw down the Studs ?

    On my '71 LPDeluxe the stop tailpiece sits approx 1/4" clear of the body. Shouldn't the studs be screwed down so the tailpiece contacts the wood ? I assume that it would increase the break angle (a good thing ?) and transfer more vibe to the wood (a good thing?). Any thoughts on this ??
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    P-90 in my Deluxe

    My '71 Deluxe has mini HB's with the embossed "Gibson" covers. Looks great and sounds pretty good but............lately I've been playing a PRS with P-90's and love the sound. Any opinions on the up side / down side of dropping them in my Deluxe ? Any recommendations on which to buy ?
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    P-90 color

    This may sound dumb and picky but.......... I've seen countless photos of guitars with p-90s where the beige color of the plastic contrasts with lighter beige or white of pickguards. To my eye it looks just wrong - paying big bucks for a guitar, one should have the adjacent plastic colors match...
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    View thru F-holes

    Maybe this is silly, but does anyone ever try to color the wood visible thru F-holes ?? In some photos, the wood shows up in such glaring contrast to the nice top finish. Would it effect the tone if one were to spray paint matte black thru the F-holes ? Is this considered Tone Blasphemy ?? :jim
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    Taylor sounded great

    I tried a Taylor Standard electric with the "mini humbuckers" and it sounded very similar to my 71' LP Deluxe with one glaring exception............. With an amp set moderately dirty, with the Taylor, when I turned the guitar volume down it cleaned up beautifully without losing the Highs - it...
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    Tone Tips work

    A recent thread had this link http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/ProductSpotlight/Tone-Tips/25-secret-ways-to-get-the/ Some background; I've been playing over 40 years and have read these "tips" and others many times but this time - finally - something clicked and I really started to...
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    Dicky Betts Tone

    The classic Dicky Betts tone from One Way Out, Blue Sky & Jessica - so thick & sweet with just the right amount of edge. What amp is he using ? Heavy gauge strings on his Les Paul ? I can't get enough of THAT TONE :hee
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    339 fret size

    I played a 339 for a few minutes. I loved the sound & the looks but the frets seemed very high. Can't find a fret height listed by Gibson. Anybody know what the standard fret height is and if other sizes available ?? I'd hate to order one knowing a fret job was in order.
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    String Frequencies ?

    I know the Fundamental A string = 440 hz how about the other strings? how about Bass ? can anyone point me to a source?
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    I've been following the discussions about chambering, etc. Is the 07 DC Pro chambered ? Mine is light and comfortable and sounds Fantastic.
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    Phase switch

    I've had a phase/toggle switch installed on several of my electrics and like it. Problem is, now I have an 07' DCPro that I absolutely love and the only way I can think to put a phase switch is to make one of the pots Push-Pull. Is changing a pot gonna make a difference in the straight sound...
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    Johnny Winter Sound

    I keep listening to the first Johnny Winter album and love his electric sound. I heard he used a Firebird - anybody know the amp setup, etc ??? Or where I might search to find out ?
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    Making Lester cut thru the mix

    I love the sound of my LPDCpro, but it sounds different alone than with the Band playing-it looses that sweetness and just sounds dry/lifeless. I love the warm sweet tone but want it to cut more without resorting to distortion to boost it - any suggestions ??
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    Graphic EQ pedal w/ LP ?

    When playing live thru my DRRI, both my 335 and LP DC need the Treble around 8 and Bass around 3 to cut thru and not sound too muddy. Would a Graphic EQ stomp box help solve this ? if so, any recomendations ??