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  1. Dilver

    WTB: Peter Florance Voodoo ‘59 neck pickup

    A3 mag. With or without cover
  2. Dilver

    Are PAF's supposed to be so mid-heavy?

    I'll start by saying I've never played a guitar with real PAF's... I recently installed a set of OX4 (A4, low wind, 7.45K neck 8.3K bridge). They sound great overall, but the bridge pickup has a pronounced upper mid push that I just couldn't dial out no matter how much I played with pickup...
  3. Dilver

    New R8 On it's way: Custombuckers or OX4 + Voodoo '59 or ReWind PAF-1?

    I've got a 2017 Custom Shop Les Paul Standard '58 on it's way and I'm already contemplating what mods I may need to make to it. I'm a player more than a collector, so as long as the mods are reversible, I'm okay with making it play/sound/look the way I want it. I'm trying to decide if I want...
  4. Dilver

    WTB: Pickguard for Gibson CS-336 or 356

    Surely there's someone who took theirs off or never installed theirs... Looking for black-white-black. Anyone?