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    Should I purchase a Guild 12 string acoustic guitar?

    I still own an Ovation 12 (Pacemaker made in Conn) that I bought new in 1983. You can pick up a made in the US of A one for $400 or so with a case. Some people don't like the round back, but I have not had an issue with the shape and the neck/action is low and buzz-free. It sounds terrific...
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    2020 ES-339 : can you spot the changes?

    You reversed/flipped the neck pickup ring which is installed backwards by the factory?
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    New Gibson Les Paul that was a Factory Error

    I bought new one of the early ES-339's built in Nashville (March 2020). It's supposed to be cherry gloss. Except it's finished in wine red. I have the postcard they included of the build and yes, they had no cherry nitro to shoot so they used what they had. I suspect the move from Memphis is...
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    Traditional or not?

    My 2017 Traditional has Burstbuckers and point to point hand wiring. And a AA flame top. Your's appears to be a different, non-traditional model.