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  1. montesada

    Beauty of the 'Burst hardcover

    https://reverb.com/ca/item/39517624-yasuhiko-iwanade-the-beauty-of-the-burst-hardcover-no-620-1000 PRICE DROPPED You know what this is... You want it. Offers?...
  2. montesada

    The "if you had a time machine" concert.

    Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company.
  3. montesada

    Theory on 4-digit '58s

    Some of the 4-digit '58 Jr.s, including mine, have the square body-edge as well as big frets... How's this for a leap of logic?... At the very beginning of the '58 double-cut Jr. run, a bunch of body/neck assemblies are made with the neck angle off a little so that when they are checked for...
  4. montesada

    Certified Guitar Player

    Certified Guitar Player. A title given by Chet Atkins to a very select group of guitarists. The world should not be a place without Certified Guitar Players... so, I propose that CGPs that Chet named should be able to bestow the title on those they feel worthy. Thoughts?
  5. montesada

    What's the going rate for a numbered hardcopy BOTB?

    A fellow at work gave me a near-mint copy and I'm giving him vintage motorcycle parts. I'd like to figure out how many parts...
  6. montesada

    Fury Concord

    Some of you know about the genius of Glenn McDougall, a Canadian guitar builder from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He started production in 1962 and produced about 10,000 electric guitars until his death in 2017. He held many patents and was an incredible innovator. At one point, Leo Fender wanted...
  7. montesada

    NOS vintage Tele bridges

    A buddy of mine has a couple of Tele bridges that were in some old stock from a former Fender dealer. They're brand-new and have serial numbers dating them to 1956 and 1957. My question is: would there be a market for these, and what might they be worth?
  8. montesada

    NGD 4-digit '58 Junior

    Just picked up this very clean '58. All original except for the Badass bridge. The only real flaw is some fade on the front... a couple of hanger marks on the head, but no checking at all on the head or body... as expected, a soapbar under a sanded-down dogear cover. Almost certainly the...
  9. montesada

    NAD Drip Edge Deluxe

    Early Silverface Deluxe Reverb Amp with AB763 circuit and original footswitch. Put a Mullards in V1 and V2 and it's unbelievably great sounding with my Gretsch. I haven't tried the Gibsons yet. All original except 3 prong cord. Nothing except the two tubes has been changed yet. Nothing. It still...
  10. montesada

    The process continues...

    Progress to report: Traded off the "70s time capsule" modified '73 routed Deluxe on this... 2009 Knotty Pine Roundup, 1 of 75 ...then picked up a screaming deal on a set of unmolested Patent Sticker pickups, mounted on a Jazzmaster pickguard, with 1970 dated pots... ...then, went into my...
  11. montesada

    I call "bull$h!t"!

    https://reverb.com/item/1646-gibson-les-paul-doublecut-cherry-red-with-tremolo-prototype-1961 technically '61 but...
  12. montesada

    NNGD (New Norlin Guitar Day)

    '71 Routed Deluxe, modified in the '70s with '72 DiMarzio SDs, phase switch, ground lift (I think...) switch, pat pend Grovers, and a weird brass "sustain plate", and gold hardware. Today I cleaned off 40+ years of dirt, removed the plate to find a couple minor cracks, (stable and unrepaired...
  13. montesada

    RIP Pete Traynor

    Virtually every musician in Canada has played through Traynor or Yorkville equipment.
  14. montesada

    NAD My first Marshall !

    traded a '65DRRI and a Garnet stencil 5 watter...
  15. montesada

    How is the logo done?

    So the MOP gets inlayed, then what? The whole thing gets painted black and the letters scraped off? Any photos in progress?
  16. montesada

    What's Al D. playing these days?

  17. montesada

    Historic vs. True Historic

  18. montesada

    1973 Marshall 8x10 cab ($850 CDN about $680 US)

    Not mine http://classifieds.castanet.net/details/marshall_cabinet_model_1990_vintage_1973/2247396/
  19. montesada

    How do you know?

    If a 50's Les Paul has had an old, really well-done refin, how can you really tell? I'll use the example of the Chocolate Brown Standard in another thread... Joe B. says it's righteous. How can one be sure of that? What signs do you look for? Does the absence of those signs really prove anything?
  20. montesada

    suggestions for Country tunes

    I usually play Classic Rock, or Blues Rock, but I'm working in Alberta these days and would like to fit in at jam nights in this red neck of the woods. I sing, grew up on Classic Country, so will be able to learn those real quick. Strumming songs are OK, as I expect there are some mean pickers...