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  1. J T

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    Hey just thought it is a good day for gold. Got one or two?
  2. J T

    Gibson Pink Case Liner - sticky/oily

    Well what was left of hurricane Ida dumped lots of water before she left. Luckily, I caught the water in the basement at about 2 inches and I got the pump to throw it out the basement window. I scrambled to get the guitar cases that were leaning upright with their bottoms on the floor out and...
  3. J T

    Reading Stuff

    Pulling anything off the bookshelf lately? Just sat down for a bit and picked up a book. Yeah to take a break from anything with a keyboard untangles the mind. Well some wouldn't consider it fun, but I find it interesting. :)
  4. J T

    Power Supply and Wall Wart Tidbits

    From Andrew Barta and Tim Starace of Tech 21. There is some good info here.
  5. J T

    Wah and Fuzz

    Wahfuzz day today. I had my Wah and fuzz out and man these were fun. I put the R4 in front of the RMC Picture Wah. The P90's were just great and sounded just like they should with a wah. Now the interesting part was putting the Sunface right behind. That Sunface really needs to be dialed in to...
  6. J T

    Fender has Thermometer cases

    Hey Fender is making the thermometer cases again...
  7. J T

    P90 Day

    Yesterday was a P90 day for me. Anyone else have those kinda days?
  8. J T

    Doug and Pat are back. This show is about Les Pauls

    Here are good ol' Doug and Pat talking about Les Pauls Glad to see them back after quarantine etc.
  9. J T


    "Paulette" is up on eBay Don't know if anyone posted this anywhere in here. Interesting
  10. J T

    Fender Ultra Series Guitars

    Fender announced today their Ultra series guitars. Nice, not cheap, though. Cutaway heel, 10-14 radius, D neck.
  11. J T

    Fender creates solid state BF Deluxe and Twin

    Tone Master The Deluxe Attenuation all the way down to .2 watts. DI out with cab/mike sim of a 57 and a 121. 23 lbs. The Twin Attenuation all the way down to 1 watt, DI out with cab/mike sim of a 57 and a 121. 33lbs What do you think?
  12. J T

    Social Distortion 40 years of rockin!

    Congrats to our own Mike (Sick Boy) Ness for forty years of great music! He's still rockin it with the boys. Ya know that really says something when you are still going after all that time. Yeah baby! Some of my favorite songs. He's celebrating by having Joan Jett and lots of other great bands...
  13. J T

    Wandering the Streets of Denver....

    After a Red Rocks Concert.... Who the heck let these guys loose?
  14. J T

    Cryogenically Treated Frets?

    I was checking out the 2019 Gibson 4-string bass and reading the specs, I ran across Cryogenically Treated Frets. Now that is the first time I believe I have seen this. What sort of advantage does this treatment give to the frets over non-treated/standard frets? Any one know? Neck...
  15. J T

    If you are aB.B. fan, this auction may be for you.

    Juliens Auctions Looks like it's on Sept 24th in Beverly Hills. They will have his 345 and other things from his estate. "Our Property From The Estate of B.B. King auction celebrates the fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning artist, singer and founding father of the electric blues, who inspired a...
  16. J T

    Gibson Vintage Reissue Strings?

    :hmm Anyone try these? I would like to know how they compare to Pyramid or any others. BTW, I love the misspelling on their web page, (exacty) :hee https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Factory-Spec-Strings/SEG-HVRVintage Reissue Electric Guitar Strings Authentic Vintage Tone Purest nickel wrap for...
  17. J T

    Historic Case Differences

    This is been discussed before but I cant find where, so I'll just open a new thread. Anyway, I was putting my guitars back on my rack when I inadvertently put one R9 on another R9's shelf. Well, what the hey? It didn't fit. I was putting a CC where the 2004 R9 normally resides. The shelf space...
  18. J T

    Get it checked..

    Your PSA numbers. Hey guys I just wanted to put the word out that you should pay attention to your doctor when they tell you your PSA numbers are high. Well I got the advice after a regular checkup and the doctor told me it's not urgent, but to go to a urologist and talk about my PSA numbers...
  19. J T


    Sad. Prayers to Fla gosh 17 gone
  20. J T

    The Cars in the RRHOF

    Congrats to LPF forum member Elliot Easton on getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! :salude