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    1978 EDS 1275 For Sale

    For sale in the UK is my 1978 EDS 1275. All original and in excellent condition. £3850 GBP More pictures and details here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222907627262
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    The Blues Had A Baby....

    This kid is amazing!
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    Can I join the club?

    Just acquired this '57 TV and I think I have found my number 1! There is definitely something very special about an old wood Les Paul. Paul
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    Vintage Guitar Shops in California

    I will be going on holiday to California in a few weeks time, will be in LA for a few days then driving up Highway 1 to SF. Can anyone recommend any guitar shops that might be worth a visit where I might get to see (or even better play) some vintage Les Paul's? Paul
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    Finally finished the guitar that Gibson started!

    I've finally got round to "finishing" my R9. I'm very happy with it and there is nothing that I really feel the need to do to it now..... :hmm Spec: 2007 Faded Tobacco R9 Pickups: Short mag PAF's (with repro covers) Pots: CTS with 50's wiring Plastic: Vintage Clone (aged by Fatboy Guitars)...
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    UK Suppliers

    Hi All, New to the forum and this is my first post. I am in the market for a R9 or R8 VOS model (not quite sure which yet) but am having difficulty finding anywhere in the UK that has any in stock that I could try. Most places tell me they could order one in for me but I would much prefer to...