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  1. CK6

    NAD - Marshall

    Picked up this JTM 45 reissue (2000) yesterday! Can’t wait to take it to the studio and crank it through my 412. Anyone else playing one? Cheers
  2. CK6

    Gibson CC 13 Gordon Kennedy Spoonful Burst

    Here's a quick clip of my CC 13, an amazing resonant instrument! I swapped out the customer buckers (they also sounded great) for a Wizz Premium Clone PAF Set. This guitar is punchy and is prominent in the 2k-4k range. Is anyone else playing a CC 13 and what are your thoughts? Please ignore...
  3. CK6

    NAD Friedman Twin Sister Combo

    I love this amp! Can’t wait to spend some more time with it tomorrow!! It’s my first Friedman and I am really impressed..
  4. CK6

    Les Paul Custom - what year?

    Anyone have an idea of what year this guitar could be? Pots are not original so would have to rely on serial number (stamped) but I can’t confirm what is yet. My guess is pre 77 by looking at the bridge... tuners look like early 70’s. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. CK6

    Gary Moore

    Was remembering Gary Moore today who was an amazing Les Paul player with incredible tone! Here’s a short tribute I recorded earlier today with my 2002 standard:
  6. CK6

    JHS Bender

    Got this pedal the other day and it’s pretty cool! My first fuzz!! Playing it through a Fender Pro Jr IV: Cheers!
  7. CK6

    Randy Rhoads ‘74 Les Paul Custom

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well and staying safe! Here’s a short clip of my RR Les Paul through a Marshall JMP 2203 on 5, single 4x12 cab and a TS9. I swapped out the pickups for some Wolfetone Marshallheads that I think sound killer. Anyone else have the RR Custom or a cream ‘74...
  8. CK6

    Throbak Peter Green pickups

    Hey guys, hope everyone is well! Does anybody have these installed in their Les Paul? I’ve seen a couple of clips but they are not very well recorded and I would like to know firsthand of our former members experience with his pick ups. I am very strongly considering buying a pair to put in my...
  9. CK6

    Randy Rhoads Les Paul Custom - T Tops?

    Does anyone what kind of pickups Randy had in his '74 cream custom? I assume that the stock pickups would be T Tops. Sounds like it to me on the live TV performance in '81... Would they be the same T Tops as a '77 Custom? Thanks!
  10. CK6

    My new (old) 2002 Les Paul

    Hope everyone is well! Picked up a Les Paul Standard earlier this week, born January 6, 2002. I purchased this guitar new in 2002 and sold it in 2007 for an R9 to an old neighbour. The following year our house was broken into and all of my guitars were stolen, but this one was "saved". Now...
  11. CK6

    NGD 1977 Les Paul Custom!

    Ended up pulling the trigger on an ebony 1977 Les Paul Custom! Solid mahogany body, three-piece maple top, three-piece maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Pretty much stock except the saddles and brass switch tip. It’s going to need a re-fret and some new saddles, but otherwise its super clean...
  12. CK6

    Jim Dunlop Rotovibe - true bypass?

    Is it possible to mod a JD Rotovibe for true bypass? I haven’t been able to find anything confirming the mod online... really want to use the pedal but it colours the sound way too much when not in use. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  13. CK6

    1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and wanted some advice regarding the following please; I am interested in buying a 77/78 custom and came across this one. Judging from the photos it looks like a seven digit serial number, however the actual number is 06209775. It looks a little funny, as it...