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  1. Tom Wittrock

    Gas prices!

    A silly diversion perhaps, but some of us can use a diversion right now. :ganz In Springfield, Missouri I just saw $1.74 [per gallon] as the lowest price I have seen so far.
  2. Tom Wittrock

    Lou the Levitator!

    Teaching his pupil: The pupil practices the technique: Sandy never fell to the ground. :salude
  3. Tom Wittrock

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, 2019 !!!

    L-R: MoonBurst 8-5386, Donna 9-1923, Curly 0-7448 :salude
  4. Tom Wittrock

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!

    L-R: MoonBurst 8-5386, Donna 9-1923, Curly 0-7448 :salude
  5. Tom Wittrock

    Donna and a cup o' joe!

    :salude :2cool
  6. Tom Wittrock

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Maybe too late, but it's the thought that counts. Hope it has been a great one for everyone! :salude
  7. Tom Wittrock

    Amigos International Guitar Show in Fort Worth

    Who's going to Fort Worth next weekend? Oct 3-6, 2019. I'll be there in my booth [TW59] and I will have a couple of Bursts to check out. I am also bringing G.I.Paul, and maybe CDaughtry will bring Fun Gus for a photo shoot. :ganz See you there!! :salude
  8. Tom Wittrock

    1956 top wrap and more!

    The 1956 Gibson catalog showed the Goldtop with the common "strings through the bridge", but the Custom was top wrapped! What I also noticed was: The neck pickup has mounting screws in the corners. Was the standard at that time? :hmm The very first type of 52 Goldtop had that corner...
  9. Tom Wittrock

    Swedish Dance Band with a Burst

    I posted this many years ago with no luck getting the details. Let's try again ... does anybody recognize this band, the Burst and the guitar player? My only notes [I can find] are that the photo is from 1969. :salude
  10. Tom Wittrock

    Whatever happened to the 59 Goldtop?

    A rare bird not seen for years, that I know of. Anybody know where this one is? :hmm
  11. Tom Wittrock

    Google review of my store.

    From time to time Google contacts me with reviews. I rarely pay attention but this one seemed interesting. :hmm for Business Owners Third-eye Music Congrats! You just got a new review ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "A staple in Springfield Missouri one of the best places to get your car fixed or your...
  12. Tom Wittrock

    The Dallas Guitar Show May 3, 4, & 5

    The annual giant Dallas Guitar Show is coming up quickly. Who's going? I'll be there [as always] with my TW59 booth and a couple of nice flamey Bursts to check out. :2cool Drop by and say hello, and check out the Bursts. I'll also have my JG Bluesmaster and Dotmaster for any and all to check...
  13. Tom Wittrock

    Ghost with Burst sighted!!

    Last Saturday at Rockin' Robin Guitars [Houston Texas] a ghost was spotted playing the original Goldie, 9-0629]!! :ghost: Photo by Liz, and it looks like the ATC is watching [closely :ganz]. :salude Did they buy out Southpaw Guitars?!? l:rofll
  14. Tom Wittrock

    The Original Flame Monster

    Back in the early 1980's this Burst became the benchmark top that all other Bursts were judged against. From several sources, most notably the cover of Tom Wheeler's American Guitars and the cover of Guitar Player Magazine, it was well known and loved. 9 0913 ... The Brock Burst! :salude The...
  15. Tom Wittrock

    Super Bowl

    I love that typo! Who's watching the Super Bowl this year? I'm excited by the Rams-Pats rematch after more than 15 years! And as usual, I hope for a good game! :salude
  16. Tom Wittrock

    Happy Ground Hog Day!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48-33n1lJKI :ganz
  17. Tom Wittrock

    Happy New Year and Happy 60th Birthday!!

    It's a new year and also the 60th year for my 1959 Bursts, like Sandy! :salude :bday:
  18. Tom Wittrock

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings!!!

    Wishing all Forum members fantastic holidays!! :salude Moonburst, 1958 # 8 5386 Photo by David Plues :dude:
  19. Tom Wittrock

    PAF Les Pauls

    Here's a really nice photo [from Vic] of the PAF equipped Les Pauls from the 50s era. That beauty in the middle used to be mine, and is the flamiest Burst I ever owned. Vic has shared so many great photos over the years, and this is another example. :dude:
  20. Tom Wittrock

    Burst vs. Strat

    No losers, only winners! :salude