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  1. Triplet

    USA Reverend

    I was thinking about picking up a USA-made Reverend. Anything I should be wary of? I think they stopped USA production in early 2006, right?
  2. Triplet

    What to do with lower-mid-level guitars

    that have been messed with to the point that they couldn't be brought back to stock -easily, or a typical guitar store wouldn't want to take them in because they probably wouldn't sell? The majority are probably worth $500-$1000. I don't want to bother with EBay as the fees plus low return...
  3. Triplet

    Strings for Flesh

    I thought I'd ask what electric strings might be good for finger picking if you DON'T have nails. My go to are Regular Slinkys. They are fairly consistent across several guitars so I thought there might be a magic combo I may have not tried, for example, 'all nickel hex core' or something like...
  4. Triplet

    Hadn't seen this...

    Has its uses I suppose. http://www.gizmag.com/hammer-jammer-percussive-guitar/32835/
  5. Triplet

    Magnatone score

    Custom 260 High fidelity If those aren't the original tubes, I'll eat my hat. I can't find a serial, anybody know a tell?
  6. Triplet

    Piezo on a 335

    I have a 335 that sounds pretty damn good acoustically. I think it would be worth trying out a piezo on it. Anybody ever put one on 335?
  7. Triplet

    Start to out the Door? 60's

    I kinda pooped on a thread in another forum about the time it takes to get a LP out the door in the 60's. If a shipping ledger indicates X date, taking into consideration construction, spraying, re-spray(if finish dictates), curing, etc. how long do think it took to get a LP on a truck? 2...
  8. Triplet

    Firebird Nuts

    Did they transition to 1 9/16ths in early '65 like the ES and SGs? .
  9. Triplet

    OMG! Sexiest ever!

  10. Triplet

    What a monster...

    and this vid is 20+ years old... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZxbT42KXpM&feature=related
  11. Triplet

    ES-175 Bridges

    I am a dyed-in-the-wool ABR-1 man. However, I do have a Nashville on my '78 ES-175. It sounds pretty darn good. Has anyone notice any difference between these bridges when they are floating and not on rods? Worth the coin to change out the Nashville?
  12. Triplet

    Anything good to say about WGS Speakers???

    I read some decent reviews on other forums, anyone here got something to say?
  13. Triplet

    What came stock in

    a '93 BB (JTM-50)? There are Sovteks in there now. EDIT: Marshall USA just told me it's a JTM45 not 50.
  14. Triplet

    Have you seen many

    mid-sixties black 335s? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iaR3WO71j4&feature=player_embedded
  15. Triplet

    Getting a Cherry

    10 year old Bluesbreaker this weekend. Any quirks from this period to be leary of?
  16. Triplet

    PT SG (USA) Question

    I picked up a PT SG USA about a year or so from a fellow LPF’r (thanks GW - his pics, too) and, unfortunately, is too neck heavy. Already having a couple SGs I knew it might be with the Grovers. My quandary is this: Do I pull the Grovers for some tulips I have laying around and therefore...
  17. Triplet

    At that price I'd be afraid to play it...

    http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/msg/2189897121.html The orange is pretty, though.
  18. Triplet

    What's the story on these Ampegs?

    Decent little amp? http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-1964-Ampeg-Jet-J-12-A-Amp-/290511956304?pt=Guitar&hash=item43a3dca950
  19. Triplet

    2009 from a 1999

    what are the the quick tells? Cheers:salude
  20. Triplet

    For slow blues

    is it a Marshall Class 5 or a Vox AC4TV? Heard a bunch o' demos on youTube, what do you folks think?