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  1. Wilko

    What is the current Les Paul neck joint?

    Does anyone here know what the current neck joint is? My gut says it's a pretty good CNC joint that is not all like that 70s curved thing. Any pics?
  2. Wilko

    Blood Frets and Tears guitar documentary (Doris pic?)

    This is a fun guitar documentary on Prime Video. I was watching and did I see this pic of Doris?
  3. Wilko

    NVGD! (old Gibson flat top)

    Finally got a CF-100 I first saw one being played by Leon Redbone in the 70s. Always liked the look and the idea of a cutaway on a vintage acoustic. This one, needing work, proved affordable for me so I made an offer that I thought was reasonable (less than half of the asking price) and got...
  4. Wilko

    Question about 1950s acoustic FON

    So I finally got a CF-100! The question is about the FON. It's got features of a '52 or later (pearl logo) with a FON of 6964 4. No letter code, and that extra "4". What does that mean?:hmm Thanks in advance.
  5. Wilko

    Rare Archtop Acoustic Coming My Way

    I'm not going to say what it is yet. What I'll do is drop a few hints! Archtop with holes that may/may not be "F" holes ;) :hmm Made in Germany. Very rare hand made in a small shop. Elvis played one while he was stationed there. It should be here in a couple of days. I'm pretty fired up as...
  6. Wilko

    Actual video crew shot a demo for my band!

    Two real cameras and a half-decent recorder! (I'm the guy with the Les Paul)
  7. Wilko

    Picture with me, Gladys and...

    Seven years ago I had this picture taken with what was a prominent 'Burst named Gladys. After that my tonequest took me very quickly to a '56 that we all saw the conversion of. Here is that old picture that shows how an old Burst looks next to something newer and far less expensive, yet...
  8. Wilko

    More on my Traditional "Makeover"

    Well, being that I just can't leave well enough alone, I stripped and re-carved the top of my 2012 Traditional and resprayed it because the lame top carve was bugging about as much as the tomato soup red covering up the figure. Here's the before and after of the switch to nickel and a tinted...
  9. Wilko

    Re building MIJ Squier to Fiesta Red

    So these MIJ 80s Squiers are great guitars and I've been enjoying refinishing them over the years, mostly top coats over the poly. Check out how thick this poly is! Since Fender refuses to make a proper vintage body contour (same as Gibson's top carves :hmm) I've stripped this one so I...
  10. Wilko

    Hiwatt Gain Mod

    Hi there, I've got a '72 Custom Hiwatt 50 and I'm no having any luck on real info on ow to do the gain mod. I sold my two hole SA112 and miss that extra growl that made the amp more usable without pedals. I've been all through Mike Huss' page and can't find anything except text descriptions of...
  11. Wilko

    Which guitar was Chuck Berry buried with?

    So there are all these articles about how Chuck Berry was buried with "his beloved cherry red Gibson guitar". The pictures show a bright red ES-355 that looks like a guitar he played a bit from the late 60s 'til he got his darker 1978 ES-355 that he played until he died. I wonder if the guitar...
  12. Wilko

    Nitro cellulose greenguard issues.

    So the thing is, the original Fender pickguards were a lovely nitrate with a semi-transulence that is hard to replicate. Chandler had some great ones in the late 80s that were perfect, and millions of strats have PVC that is colored various shades of grey-green to neon lime. there was a maker...
  13. Wilko

    Plaintop Friday!

  14. Wilko

    Ace Frehley last night at friend's memorial.

    A long time friend passed aways last week. He was a real sweet guy and very popular in he San Diego scene with his band The Dragons so his life celebration was at The Casbah (a San Diego live music institution). Some mutual friends know Ace fairly well so he wanted to help make the night special...
  15. Wilko

    Tinted Clearcoat on my Traditional (looks like Doris!)

    So I put all nickel parts (NEW DMC covers too) on this 2012 Traditional. Now it's got a tinted clearcoat and it is looking a lot like Doris! Loving this guitar:
  16. Wilko

    quick pickguard mod to "vintage look"

    I just took a minute on the bench grinder make my traditional pickguard have the vintage cut edge. Sure the shape is a little off of original, but it looks the part, eh?
  17. Wilko

    Nickel Hardware added to my Traditional!

    I just got this 2012 Traditional: It was just too shiny and "modern looking" so I dressed it up with a nickel ABR-1 and Tailpiece. Amber switch tip, amber tophat knobs, nickel pickup covers and Kluson single-ring tuners with conversion bushings, and Creamtone rings. Now it looks "right"
  18. Wilko

    Headstock retro-fit on Traditional

    to have a more "traditional" look to my new Traditional Les Paul I just swapped out the pot metal screw-in bushing tuners for vintage style Klusons using conversion bushings. Also a 1961 TRC:
  19. Wilko

    Had to buy this top!

    Well, after selling off my '56 I was thinking I'd pick up a fun Les Paul that wasn't worth more than my car that could have around the house and take to gigs without worrying too much. This top was haunting me so I bought it! More info after it gets here.
  20. Wilko

    Replace Norlin Tuners (angles!)

    That routed 1974 Deluxe that I just got had those 80s+ Gibson Deluxe pot metal tuners with the screw on bushings. I had a few sets of the original double-line, double-ring around so I put them on with conversion bushings. Notice the huge difference in the size of the gearbox and the length of...