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  1. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Throbak Pups

    Anyone heard from Jon and how orders are being filled?
  2. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Everybody Needs a Black Flag

    I took delivery of a fine, fine JTM50 a couple of weeks ago from our very own Roadrunner, Gary B. I need to report to you guys that this amp is one fine piece of machinery. Looks and sounds every bit the real deal. It has the RICH tone and packs a punch. Want to sound like the Rev, go ahead...
  3. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Best year for Historic Junior's?

    Wondering if there is a best year(s) for single cut Historic Junior's?
  4. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Any VOX or ValveTech Hayseed users over here?

    I got the Vox jones lately. Anybody else?
  5. Ricky_Rockhardo


    Anybody tried a Soultone45? If so, what cab were you running it through? I got lots of interest in this one. Thanks, guys. http://www.soultoneamps.com/
  6. Ricky_Rockhardo

    got the wiring blues, hum and squeal

    Hey guys, took it upon myself to wire in my new Dr Vs. Too bad I need some guidance this evening. New pups, new caps. Plugged up the guitar afterwards; bridge pick up worked but had issues, volume control wouldn't adjust volume no matter which way it was moved, always on full. Middle and...
  7. Ricky_Rockhardo

    VOS R4 GT

    Any of you knuckleheads tryout or own a new VOS R4 GT? I've been gassing over at the GuitarSale site.......