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  1. CoyotesGator

    Is cardboard the...

    Path to immortality, means to an end, sad devotion to a lost art? Whatever roll it plays in the cosmos, I just love smell of a new build. Twin Tweed, High Power. Gonna be a slow build, quite unlike y'all have seen from me before as it isn't already built. I do hope y'all will enjoy the...
  2. CoyotesGator

    1982 Marshall JCM800 4010

    For sale. No trades please. See link below. Thanks, Rob For Sale. 1982 JCM800 4010
  3. CoyotesGator

    Willie Nelson show tonight

    Mrs. G and I had a great time. Great show. It is absolutely amazing how he commands the stage. His voice sounded darn good and still plays circles around me on the guitar. A very underrated player. So many great songs, a musical treasure that I was blessed to see again.
  4. CoyotesGator

    The $250 2205 and 4X12

    I bought this last year right before hurricane Harvey. Local pickup only ebay thing. 2205 head, cab, foot switch, and cab cover. I am just now getting around to figuring out exactly what has been done to it over the years. It does make good power with a pair of GT 6550. All preamp tubes are...
  5. CoyotesGator

    Your thoughts on this Custom

    ebay link https://www.ebay.com/itm/1976-Gibson-Les-Paul-Custom-with-case-USA-refinished-3-pickups/112708905389?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  6. CoyotesGator

    An open letter to my customers

    Please, if you have questions about the job ask. If you have questions about the material on the job, ask. If you think something has gone missing or has possibly been stolen, ask. Today's shitfest could have so easily been avoided. What is not acceptable is to accuse me or my coworkers of...
  7. CoyotesGator

    Something is coming,

    Something wonderful.
  8. CoyotesGator

    Sad news yesterday

    Sad news yesterday.I learned that my good Terry Shaffer is closing GR amps. I'm just floored. Fantastic sound, craftsmanship and knowledge. No one builds a better amp at any price point than Terry. Be well My friend. http://www.gramplifiers.com/
  9. CoyotesGator

    The box, the itch, the madness

    I now know there is no cure, only ways to medicate. If I scratch the box can I smell what is inside? Oh man, I fell off of it this time. Funny story, Mrs. Gator called me at work to let me know there were two boxes on the porch. Scheduled delivery was next week, I honestly thought there...
  10. CoyotesGator

    Drove a new 2016 Corvette Convertable today

    No, not mine. I could never afford it, just a worker bee. I am fortunate to know a few people. I put 30 miles on it, all of them nice. 8 speed paddle shift, performance exhaust, track package. Telepathic steering, although light in the center it did build nice resistance off-center...
  11. CoyotesGator

    Oh the Itch! The freakin' Itch

    Once again the electron gods have left a package on my porch. I got so dang excited, I forgot to take pictures of it. Pine, cherry, maple, and walnut. Smells good, really good.
  12. CoyotesGator

    Feelin' Itchy again, help me scratch

    Opinions and experience appreciated. I will order parts in late January or early February. But for what? All octal, PP 6L6, tube rectified, head cabinet. I don't need high gain. I really want to do a 6G16 Vibroverb. Am I correct in thinking that it will fall somewhere between a 5C3 and a...
  13. CoyotesGator

    5C3 Itch

    Feeling funny again. Itchy. I'm not at all myself. My skin is dry. Mamma found this on the doorstep and left it in my laboratory for me.
  14. CoyotesGator

    The What Amp did You play through today Thread

    :spabout What amp did you play through today? Pictures are highly recommended. Play again tomorrow. There are NO wrong answers. :spabout
  15. CoyotesGator

    Minaki/Kenora, Ontario

    I'm thinking slightly outside the box. Does anyone live near or have local knowledge of Minaki or Kenora, Ontario?
  16. CoyotesGator

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day Dad!
  17. CoyotesGator

    Just left the orthopedic surgeons office

    Crap. Torn rotator cuff. Surgery next week. 3 months immobile right arm. 9-12 months rehab. Crap.
  18. CoyotesGator

    6G16 Vibroverb schematic help

    I am having trouble finding a legible schematic or layout of the 1963 Brown Vibroverb. The ones I have found on the internet are of too poor quality to clearly read some of the values. Any help would be appreciated, as I am getting itchy again.:spabout Many Thanks, Rob :salude
  19. CoyotesGator

    Got an itch for a 6G3 Deluxe

    It happens again... Boxes are left on my doorstep... 6G3 Deluxe, 1X12 combo. Cabinet approved by LucyBeans. Handle and feet installed. :spabout
  20. CoyotesGator

    Scag Tiger Cat

    Oh man I'm in heaven. 61" deck, 25 HP EFI, and 10MPH! What a Beast! I can mow 20 acres in 8 hours, and it looks good. I've got to wear the seatbelt though, it will throw me if I'm not careful.