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  1. Wilko

    Is it time for another Top Carve thread??? I think so.

    But look at that awesome carve! Starts at the bridge! Sorry... not sorry ;)
  2. Wilko

    Harrison/Clapton Lucy bites it...see if you wince too

    It's on Disney+. Easy to fast forward, pause, back, whatever! Love it. No surprises for me on the dynamics. Just clearer confirmation.
  3. Wilko

    Les Paul's 1959 Doubleneck

    There was one of these at the Hard rock in Las Vegas for a long time (might still be there)
  4. Wilko

    Plumbing question (apolitical content)

    i just use a regular level. Easy to eyeball the grade. More is better than minimum anyway.
  5. Wilko

    Is it time for another Top Carve thread??? I think so.

    Luizmax... Is that a Gibson? the curve is so close to the edge...
  6. Wilko

    Wah Wah Pedal Recommendations

    I use a multi-effect pedal from Digitech. Several whah voices with adjustable parameters. Sounds great.
  7. Wilko

    Jensen speaker help

    the rim should have another number opposite side of the date code., eh?
  8. Wilko

    The many Rickenbackers Courtney Love has played..Yikes!!

    George Harrison had a 425 that he got in the US in 1963 and had it painted black because John had a black rickenbacker. Here's mine from 1962 I don't much like their guitars, but love the 4001. this one late 70s.
  9. Wilko

    Bring Out Your Clones! (Marshall)

    That's when I built mine... GDS kit. I built mine late 2003. Roman Rist built the cab. Was a 2 x 10 then I changed the baffle and put in the 12" 25 Watt greenback.
  10. Wilko

    Bending ABR1 posts and doubled up thumbwheels

    My belief is that posts bend because of way some people string their guitars and/or not removing all strings once in a while. The effect is cumulative. I’ve never had an issue as the string pressure is fairly straight down. Always tuning the strings UP without ever getting the string off the...
  11. Wilko

    Bring Out Your Clones! (Marshall)

    GDS 18 watt combo chassis kit Here it is chillin' with a 1959 Burst!
  12. Wilko

    My first Les Paul: why the nut is moving?!?

    No need for glue, but since it bothers you--as mentioned--a dab of superglue is great.
  13. Wilko

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    That's what I posted. I agree.
  14. Wilko

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    '68, '68, '56 (refin)
  15. Wilko

    Tech Pickup Question ?

    That just emulates the classic strat layout. For better sound, I recommend either parallel, or angled the opposite way. Often called the "hendrix mod". You lose the "icepick" overly bright sound that way. Fatter sound from the skinny strings.
  16. Wilko

    Hey Pedal Geeks!

    Thanks for the kind words. Very silly version with exagerrated moves and all. Totally fun gig. Dec 5 this year! That is the 1956 that I Bursted. 1961 PAFs. https://www.lespaulforum.com/index.php?threads/wilkos-1956-top-stripped.166095/ I sold to it member "Progear" He refinished it
  17. Wilko

    Goldtops, well, just because...

    Whoops. Not a Historuc. It's a 1968 with PAFs.