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  1. zhivago

    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    Holy crap, we hit 1000 posts in this thread!! :love:
  2. zhivago

    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    Definitely post the video here if you come across it again! :cool:
  3. zhivago

    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom played by Nick Perri.
  4. zhivago

    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    Many thanks, MB! It is quite the trio, for sure! :cool:
  5. zhivago

    Beauty of The Black Beauty - The "Alnico" Custom thread

    It's been a while since the last post...here's a few guitars to bump us back up...‘55 • ‘56 • ‘56...
  6. zhivago

    Keith Richards finds "new" 1955 LP Jr. TV Model

    So cool to see he is still at it. I would be too! :cool:
  7. zhivago

    *** The 56 LP From Ebay Retread ***

    This is the sort of thread that makes the internet a better place! Looking forward to seeing the end result! :cool:
  8. zhivago

    Pat Smear's SG...

    I don't think Pat played on In Utero... And from the live stuff I've seen of that tour, I remember Hagstoms mostly. During the early Foo Fighters tours he played a couple of very interesting looking SG Customs that had different tailpieces added from what looked like Gibson archtops. There are...
  9. zhivago

    1956 Les Paul basket case Conversion.

    Great work, Yuuki! Nice to see this one rise from the dead! :cool:
  10. zhivago

    RIP Dusty Hill

    Rest easy, Dusty. RIP. :cry:
  11. zhivago

    ‘54 Les Paul Custom Ebony RI

    That was such a cool run of Wildwood guitars...I remember when they came out. They did 3 pickup versions, and alnico versions...chambered, Cloud 9 style, nickel hardware and that Gretsch-style green... :) This guitar below is not mine...just for reference.
  12. zhivago

    ‘54 Les Paul Custom Ebony RI

    Search "R4BB", "R4 BB", "R4 Custom"...there should be a few threads here and there....they are rare guitars, so there's not all that much info out there compared to other Historic Reissues. I had an '03 for a few years and it was a great guitar, almost 10lbs on the nose, the pickups were nice...
  13. zhivago

    NGD - 1955 Les Paul Custom

    Beautiful guitar, and fantastic photographs as well! :cool:
  14. zhivago

    Gibson Boss Collection

    Some killer stuff in there for sure...I watched it earlier.
  15. zhivago

    Vintage Les Paul and Burst Weights

    Great info! :cool: For what it's worth, my '56 LP Custom is 9 lbs 3 oz. :)
  16. zhivago

    Necks on 1952-1960 Les Pauls

    My '56 Custom has a medium size C shape neck. They were all over the place, it seems.
  17. zhivago

    Should I let go of this '55 TV Special I've had for 25 years?

    If you can afford the ES guitar and to keep this, totally do it! :)
  18. zhivago

    NGD- GAS'ing for something different

    Very cool guitar! I love SGs! I have two myself, but both with humbuckers. :cool:
  19. zhivago

    Estate Sale Acoustic, is it a J45 or a LG Series?

    That is a J45...the bridge is pre-belly, but it has the newly designed at the time "block" logo...so probably very late 40s, '48 possibly?